「バイオハザード 0」で英語学習 p1 “Resident Evil Zero” script




A Mid-western town in America: Raccoon City. A solitary island far off in the sea: Rockford island. An island that would become the second Raccoon city: Sheena island. There are still many unanswered questions about these seemingly unrelated yet intensely traumatic events.


■solitary (a) lonely; remote(形) 〔場所などが〕人里離れた、人が訪れることのない

■far off (phrase) remote in time or space(フレーズ)〔距離的に〕遠い所に、遠方に

■unanswered (a) not answered or responded to(形)返答のない、うやむやにされた

■seemingly (adv) so as to give the impression of having a certain quality; apparently(副)一見したところ、外見的には

■unrelated (a) not related or linked(形)関係がない、別個の、語られて[話されて]いない

■intensely (adv) to an extreme degree(副)熱烈に、猛烈に、極度に、激しく

■traumatic (a) deeply disturbing or distressing(形)トラウマの、トラウマ的な


ナレーション:多国籍企業として知られるアンブレラが関与していると考えられるが、この顔の見えない企業の成り立ちはほとんど知られていない。いつ・・・そして誰によって創設されたのか? そしてTウイルスはどのようにして作られたのか? 真実を知るためには、発端となった洋館事件以前に起こった出来事を深く掘り下げる必要があるだろう。

Though it is believed that the International Enterprise Umbrella was somehow involved, little is known as to the origin of this faceless corporations. When was it established…? By whom? And how was the T-virus created? To uncovered the truth, we must delve deeper into the events which transpired in the beginning- before the mansion incident.


■enterprise (n) an organization, especially a business, or a difficult and important plan, especially one that will earn money(名)企業、事業

■somehow (adv) in a way or by some means that is not known or not stated(副)どうにかして、ともかくも、何とかして

■as to (phrase) about(フレーズ)~に関しては、~については

■faceless (a) (of a person) remote and impersonal; anonymous (形)誰なのか特定できない、身元不明の

■establish (v) set up on a firm or permanent basis(動)〔会社や学校などの組織を〕設置[設立・開設・創設・創業]する

■delve (v) reach inside a receptacle and search for sth(動)徹底的に調べる、掘り下げて調査する

■transpire (v) to happen(動)生じる、発生する、起こる

■mansion (n) a very large, expensive house(名)大邸宅、屋敷

■incident (n) an event that is either unpleasant or unusual(名)〔1回だけの〕出来事、〔偶発的な〕事件



Do you think so, too?






It began as a simple investigation of some bizarre murders in the suburbs of Raccoon City. Nothing in our training could ever have prepared us for the nightmare that ensued. We never stood a chance.


■investigation (n) the act or process of examining a crime, problem, statement, etc. carefully, especially to discover the truth(名)〔真相を明らかにするための詳細な〕調査

■bizarre (a) strange and difficult to explain(形)奇怪な、異様な、信じられない

■murder (n) the crime of intentionally killing a person(名)殺人事件


■suburb (n) an area on the edge of a large town or city where people who work in the town or city often live(名)郊外

■ensue (v) to happen after sth else, especially as a result of it(動)後に続いて起きる、結果として起きる

■stand a chance (phrase) have a prospect of success or survival(フレーズ)チャンス・見込みがある


エンリコ: どうした?

What’s going on?


パイロット:エンジントラブル発生! 緊急着陸します!

Engine failures! Emergency landing!


エンリコ: 現在位置と周囲の状況を確認しろ。

Check the current position and investigate the surrounding area.


■current (a) belonging to the present time(形)現在の、最新の、進行中の

■investigate (v) to examine a crime, problem, statement, etc. carefully, especially to discover the truth(動)〔~を詳細に〕調査する、研究する

■surrounding (a) that is everywhere around sth(形)周囲の



Captain, look!







エンリコ: どうした?

What happened?



Court order for transportation. Prisoner: Billy Coen. Ex-lieutenant, 26 years old. Court-martialed and sentenced to death, July 22nd. Prisoner is to be transferred to the Regarthon base for execution.


■court (n) a place where trials and other legal cases happen(名)法廷

■ex- (prefix) used to show that someone is no longer what they were (接頭)外に追い出された、元~、前~

■lieutenant(名) 中尉(first lieutenant)、少尉(second lieutenant)

■court-martial (v) to send a member of the armed forces for trial in a military court(動)〔人を〕軍法会議にかける

■sentence (v) to decide and say officially what a punishment will be(動)〔人に〕判決を下す[言い渡す]、〔~の判決を〕宣告する

■base (n) a place where there are military buildings and weapons and where members of the armed forces live(名)基地

■execution (n) the legal punishment of killing sth(名)死刑執行、処刑


エドワード: こいつら、かわいそうによ。ただ仕事してたってだけで何も悪くないのに殺されちまって。そしてクズ野郎はまんまと脱走しやがった!

Those poor soldiers. They were good men just doing their jobs and that scum murdered them and escaped!


■scum (n) a very bad or immoral person or group of people(名)〈軽蔑的〉人間のくず、くずども


エンリコ: いいか、みんな。手分けして周囲の捜索にあたれ。相手は残忍で容赦がない。油断するな。

Alright everyone. Let’s separate and survey the area. Our friend is brutal and ruthless. Keep your guard up.


■survey (v) to look at or examine all of sth, especially carefully(動)〔詳細に~を〕調査[検査]する

■brutal (a) cruel, violent, and completely without feelings(形)〔獣のように〕野蛮な、残忍な

■ruthless (a) not thinking or worrying about any pain caused to others; cruel(形)無慈悲な、非情な

■keep one’s guard up (phrase)  to be careful and alert to the possibility of danger(フレーズ)警戒を続ける、隙を見せない





A train?





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