英語版ゲーム「ライフ イズ ストレンジ」で音読 ep2p04 “Life is Strange” script



ビデオゲーム「ライフ イズ ストレンジ」 エピソード2 パート4

前半: リピート再生・スロー再生・字幕あり

後半: 通し再生・字幕なし






Even though you left me with said bully and ran off with that girl… She’s pretty punk rock, how do you know her?


■run off with sb (phrase) to leave together secretly and suddenly(フレーズ)~と一緒に逃げる、駆け落ちする



An old friend. Chloe Price? We haven’t seen each other in a while.


■in a while (phrase) after a while, after a period of time(フレーズ)しばらくの間




I bet you were glad to see her blast up in that truck like a rock star. Which begs the question–why is Nathan Prescott getting psycho on you?


■beg the question (phrase) to talk about sth as if it were true, even though it may not be(フレーズ)論点となっていることを真実とみなして話を先へ進める



He’s dangerous. I don’t want you to get involved. You got me there, but lay low, Nathan Prescott is going to get his karma soon.


■lay low (phrase) staying out the scene and avoiding where the hype is at(フレーズ)身を低くする、隠れる、おとなしくする

■Karma (n) good or bad luck, viewed as resulting from one’s actions(名)〔善い・悪い行いに対する〕報い



Weird fucking week. Like that bizarro snowfall yesterday. Speaking of dystopia, that drive-in is having a 70’s “Planet of the Apes” marathon. Let’s “Go Ape”!


■bizarro (a) bizarre (形)奇怪な、異様な、信じられない

■snowfall (n) a fall of snow(名)降雪

■dystopia(n) a very bad or unfair society(名)ディストピア、反理想郷、暗黒世界



Yes, that’s exactly what I need. I love those old-school ape films.


■old-school (a) old-fashioned(形)古い習慣を守る、伝統的スタイルの



Well, that was easier than I thought. Cool. I’ll text you the info.


■text (v) to send someone a text message by phone(動)〔携帯電話でメールを〕書く、打つ、送信する



David talking to Nathan cannot be a good thing. This has something to do with Kate…or Rachel…


■have something to do with (phrase) you are not involved or connected with sb(フレーズ)~と関係がある、つながりがある



Talk about going back in time…the diner looks exactly the same.


■diner (n) a small restaurant that serves cheap meals(名)軽食レストラン



Man, that smell of breakfast and the sound of clanging silverware… Makes me feel thirteen again…


■clang (v) to make a loud deep ringing sound like that of metal being hit, or to cause something to make this sound(動)(金属性の)ガチャン、カンカンと鳴る

■silverware (n) objects, especially knives, forks, spoons, etc., made of silver (名)銀製食器


さてお昼の「KBAY7ニュース」では昨日の雪について検証していきます。晴れた午後に突然降り出した謎の雪にアルカディア・ベイの住人たちは戸惑いと喜びをあらわにしていました。番組内ではポートランド(都市名)の気象学者への取材、そしてにわか雪に反応する人々の楽しい映像もお届けします。この不思議な雪は母なる大地のイタズラでしょうか? どうかチャンネルはそのままで。真相を解明いたします。

Coming up at noon, KBAY 7 News will explore the mystery of yesterday’s unusual snowfall on a warm and sunny late afternoon that confused and delighted Arcadia Bay residents. We’ll be talking with Portland meteorologists in the area and look at some of your fun video reactions to the odd snow flurry. Who knows, maybe Mother Nature was pranking us all? So, stay tuned to KBAY 7 News for the real story…


■explore (v) to think or talk about something in order to find out more about it(動)〔詳しく〕~を調査・研究する

■unusual (a) different from what is usual or expected(形)普通でない、まれな

■snowfall (n) a fall of snow(名)降雪

■confused (a) not clear and therefore difficult to understand    (形)混乱した、訳が分からない

■delighted (a) very pleased(形)喜んでいる

■resident (n) a person who lives or has their home in a place(名)居住者


■meteorologist (n) someone who studies meteorology(名)気象学者

■odd (a) strange or unexpected(形)へんな、奇妙な

■snow flurry (n) a sudden light fall of snow(名)小雪がちらつくこと、微量の雪

■prank (n) a trick that is intended to be funny but not to cause harm or damage(名)いたずら、悪ふざけ



And there she is–a lovely young woman. How are you doing, Max?



Hi, Joyce, it’s nice to see you again. You look the same.



Like I’m still a waitress at Two Whales after all these years?



No, like you still look pretty.



Nice save, kid. You’re still smart.


■nice save (phrase) sb a good job at saving a situation from getting going bad  (フレーズ)〔自分や他人の失言・気まずい状況などを取り繕う〕うまい一言、ナイス・フォロー




I know things were hard for you and Chloe. I feel bad I didn’t call. Now my folks are in Seattle and I’m all alone at Blackwell. It’s my karma.


■folks (n) people, especially those of a particular group or type (名)人々、家族

■Karma (n) good or bad luck, viewed as resulting from one’s actions(名)〔善い・悪い行いに対する〕報い





You did the right thing. You moved forward with your life. I did, after William passed on. Chloe…Chloe chose to stay angry… Anyway, I hope we see more of you. Chloe needs an old friend again.


■move forward (phrase) to advance in position or progress. (フレーズ)前進する

■pass on(phrase) polite expression for die(フレーズ)この世を去る、永眠する



Joyce, I am so sorry about William. I have great memories of him.



I’m glad, Max. That was his gift to us…wonderful memories. Even if Chloe doesn’t understand yet.



Chloe understands, she just needs…time. I know that sucks for you.


■suck (v) (slang) If someone or something sucks, that person or thing is bad or unpleasant(動)(俗・軽蔑的〉最悪である、非常にむかつく



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