英語版ゲーム「ライフ イズ ストレンジ」でアメリカの高校生の日常英会話を学習 ep2p08 “Life is Strange” script



ビデオゲーム「ライフ イズ ストレンジ」 エピソード2 パート8

前半: リピート再生・スロー再生・字幕あり

後半: 通し再生・字幕なし






You freaked me out there. Do you feel any better now?


■freak out (phrase) to become or cause someone to become extremely emotional(フレーズ)〈俗〉〔人を〕怖がらせる、感情的にさせる



A little. Thanks for helping me, just…give me a minute.



Too much action for Arcadia?



Maybe not enough. This is kinda fun. Scary and stupid, but fun.



Let me know when you feel okay.



God, this power really messes with my head. Glad I feel normal again. I better go chat up Chloe.


■chat up (phrase) to talk informally with sb(フレーズ)〈話〉おしゃべりする



Okay, looks like you’re ready to lock and load.


■lock and load (phrase) to lock cartridge into the gun(フレーズ)〈米〉銃に弾を込める、銃の発射準備をする



I don’t know about this…


厄介ごとに巻き込まれるのが怖いのか? あーあ―怖がってるよ。大丈夫だって。あたしがついてるから。カッコよく決めてくれよ!

Are you afraid of getting in trouble? Oh, boohoo, Max is afraid! I know you can handle this. And I’m here to guide you. Make me proud, sista!


■get in trouble(フレーズ)厄介ごとに巻き込まれる

■boo hoo〈擬声語〉エーンエーン、、メソメソ、トホホホ、やれやれ、あーあー


よお。「テルマ&ルイーズ」のおふたりさん。 それとも「ボニー&クライド」か?

Hey, it’s Thelma and Louise. Or is it Bonnie and Clyde?



Both of “Thelma and Louise” and “Bonnie and Clyde” are duos committed crimes with guns



Excuse us, Frank.


■Excuse us (他の人には遠慮してもらい二人になりたい時に使う)すみません



Oh, sorry, Chloe. Don’t let me get in the way of your bonding. I heard the gunshots and the breaking glass. It’s cute that you’re playing with guns. Just like me at your age.


■get in the way (phrase) to make it difficult for it to happen, continue, or be appreciated properly(フレーズ)邪魔をする

■bonding (n) the process by which a close emotional relationship is developed(名)絆の形成

■gunshot (n) (the sound of) the shooting of a gun(名)銃声、発砲、砲撃



We’re not anything alike, man.


■alike (a) similar to each other(形)よく似ている



We both need money. In fact, you need it so bad you owe me a shitload, don’t ya, Chloe? Huh?


■a shitload = a lot



You’ll get your money.



Don’t they all say that? Y’know, even when they’re broke and acting tough…


■broke (a) without money(形)〈話〉無一文の、金欠の

■act tough (phrase) to pretend that everything is fine(フレーズ)タフなふりをする


何を隠してんだ、お嬢ちゃん? 見せな!

What’re you hiding there, girlie? Let me see!


■girlie (n) a girl or young woman (often used as a term of address) (名)〈話〉女の子、お嬢ちゃん



Where did you get that bracelet?



A friend. And it’s none of your goddamn business. You’re my business now and I–


それはレイチェルのブレスレットだ! なんであんたが彼女のブレスレットをつけてんだよ!

That’s Rachel’s bracelet! Why the fuck are you wearing her bracelet?!


落ち着けよ、いいか? もらったんだよ。

Calm yourself, alright? It was a gift.


そんなわけない! 盗んだんだろ! 今すぐ返せ、クソ野郎!

No, it wasn’t! You stole that shit! Give it to me right now, asshole!


■asshole (n) an unpleasant or stupid person(名)〈卑俗・侮蔑的〉〔嫌なことをする〕ばか者、ろくでなし



You better step back before you regret it, girl. I mean it. You want me to cut you, bitch?


■step back (phrase) to stop being involved in something(フレーズ)後ずさりする、〔行動・活動から〕身を引く

■mean (v) used to add emphasis to what you are saying(動)〔はったりや冗談ではなく〕本気で~と言っている



Please…please step back.



You’re kidding. Put that down.



Come on, girlie. Shoot me.



Oh, Christ. You’re more like Abbott and Costello.


*アボットとコステロ: アメリカの二人組コメディアン

Abbott and Costello, an American comedy duo



Nice piece. I’ll consider this interest on your loan. Thanks. You have until Friday to pay me. Or I’ll track you down with this interest. Have a good play, kids.


■track down ( phrase) to search for someone or something(フレーズ)追い詰める、追跡して捕らえる

■interest (n) money that is charged by a bank or other financial organization for borrowing money(名)利子



You really stood your ground.



I freaked. I don’t like guns.



It’ll be hard to keep Nathan off my ass… My step-shit will have his other guns sealed in an electrified bunker by now.


■keep A off B’s ass (phrase) to prevent A from touching B(フレーズ)〈卑〉AがBに付きまとわないようにする

■seal (v) to close an entrance or container so that nothing can enter or leave it (動)~を封印する、密封する

■electrified (a) having an electric current passing through(形)電気の流れている

■bunker (n) a shelter, usually underground, that has strong walls to protect the people inside it from bullets or bombs(名)《軍事》掩蔽壕、出入り口や上部をおおった防空壕。



Sorry, Chloe. I’ve never held a gun on a human being before. Not cool.



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