英語版ゲーム「ライフ イズ ストレンジ」でオーバーラッピング練習 ep3p02 “Life is Strange” script



Episode 3: Chaos Theory カオス理論 パート2

前半: リピート再生・スロー再生・字幕あり

後半: 通し再生・字幕なし







Thank you again SO much for helping me put together a portfolio.


■put together (phrase) to prepare a piece of work by collecting several ideas and suggestions and organizing them(フレーズ)組み立てる、編集する、まとめる




Hopefully, the rest of the class will follow your lead. I’m sorry I was…distracted. As you know, it’s not been a good day for Blackwell.


■distracted (a) nervous or confused because you are worried about sth(形)気を散らされた、注意散漫で、取り乱した



I know this has been an awful day and you can talk to me anytime, Mr. Jefferson.


■awful (a) extremely bad or unpleasant(形)恐ろしい、ひどい



Thank you, Victoria. I’m glad it had a relatively happy ending.


■relatively (adv) to a relative degree or extent : somewhat(副)比較的



I don’t know what I would’ve done if Katie jumped…


「ケイティ」? 君がケイトとそんなに仲がいいとは知らなかったな。彼女は・・・。

“Katie”? I…had no idea you two were that close. Did she…?



Well…how does this affect the Everyday Heroes contest?


■affect (v) to have an influence on sb or sth, or to cause a change in sb or sth(動)~に作用する、~に影響を与える



It doesn’t. The contest is still a-go and I still have to pick the winner to best represent Blackwell. I’ve got all the photos except one from…Max.


前情報として教えてあげますよ。マックスの写真は自撮りですよ。ねえ、私のエントリーの作品見ましたよね? 自撮りなんかより絶対に良いはずだわ。サンフランシスコで一緒に過ごすなんてステキだと思わない、マーク?

I’ll give you a one-word sneak preview of Max’s photo: selfie. Listen…you’ve seen my entry, you know it’s better than that. Wouldn’t that be SO cool to hang out together in San Francisco, Mark?


■a sneak preview(名)一般公開前の映画などの一部または全部を試験的にそっと公開すること

■hang out (phrase) to spend a lot of time in a place or with sb(フレーズ)ブラブラして時を過ごす、くつろぐ



Stick to Mr. Jefferson, Victoria, please? And, uh…I haven’t picked a winner yet.



You already love my work, so it’s not like you’re playing favorites. Just imagine if you picked my photo, though…we would have to spend a LOT of time together… That could be…fun, don’t you think?


■play favorites (phrase) show favouritism towards sb or sth(フレーズ)えこひいきする、特別扱いする



I’m going to think that you didn’t say any of that.



You might as well choose me…otherwise I might have to tell people you offered to choose my photo for favors or something…


■might as well (phrase) used to suggest doing sth, often when there is nothing better to do(フレーズ)~した方がいい

■might have to(フレーズ)~しなくてはならないかもしれない



As a favor to your future, I’ll also ignore that undisguised threat. This conversation is officially over, Miss Chase. I suggest you go back to your dorm now.


■ignore (v) to intentionally not listen or give attention to(動)無視する、~に気付かないふりをする

■undisguised (a) clearly shown or expressed (形)隠さずに顔に表した、むき出しの

■threat (n) a suggestion that sth unpleasant or violent will happen, especially if a particular action or order is not followed(名)脅し



Wait! I only…Are you fucking kidding me?




Dude, I don’t know about this…we’re both already in SO much trouble…



Not to mention the weed you brought into my room…Joking!


■weed (n) marijuana(名)〈俗〉マリフアナ



I’m serious. We’re not kids anymore. We’re breaking and entering…


鍵があるんだから何も破ってないだろ? 誰も建物の中に入ったってだけであたしたちを罰せられないさ!

If I have a key how can it be breaking? They can’t charge us for just entering!



I’m serious. We could go to jail…




Not if I’m related to the head of Blackwell Security. Step-shit will not want me in the hands of the local police…

So we better find out what’s in the Principal’s office first. Come on. One more door and our work here is done.



何だよ? 警備員なら校長室の鍵を持ってるはずだろ!

That’s it!

What the fuck? The security officer should have the key to the principal’s office!



He’s hiding shit. Like EVERYBODY here.



Well, now we definitely have to get this door open. Believe it or not, I know a little about lock-picking…thanks to Frank. I might as well test out my thief skill…


■believe it or not(フレーズ)〈話〉まさかと思うでしょうが、驚くべきことに、信じようと信じまいと

■lock picking (n) the practice of unlocking a lock by manipulating the components of the lock device without the original key(名)錠前破り、ピッキング

■test out (フレーズ)~を試す



Go for it. We’re already in this deep…



Well, you could look for the key…just in case.


■just in case (phrase) as a provision against something happening or being true (フレーズ)念のため、万が一に備えて



Why yes, I could…





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