英語版ゲーム「ライフ イズ ストレンジ」でオーバーラッピング練習 ep3p05 “Life is Strange” script



Episode 3: Chaos Theory カオス理論 パート5

前半: リピート再生・スロー再生・字幕あり

後半: 通し再生・字幕なし







That impish look scares me.


■impish (a) showing a child’s pleasure in enjoying yourself and making trouble(形)小鬼の(ような)、いたずらな


真夜中の水泳はどうかな? 学校のプールが貸切状態だぜ。

Care for a midnight swim? The Blackwell pool is ours.


■care for (phrase) have a liking, fondness, or taste (for) (フレーズ)~を欲する、~を好む

■Care for ~?(フレーズ)~はいかが?


泳ぐの? 今、そんな危険を冒すわけ?

Swimming? You wanna take that risk now?



It’s been a cray week. You didn’t let me take that money to pay off Frank, so if he pops a cap in my skull at least allow me to have a little carefree fun for a few minutes… Splish splash?



■pop a cap (phrase) to fire a gun, usually at sb(フレーズ)〈俗〉銃を発射する

■splish splash (n) a repeated splashing sound(名)バシャバシャ(水などをはね散らす音)



You’re right. We hella deserve it. Splish splash!


■hella (adv) very (副)〈俗〉とても、すごく、めちゃ


今”めちゃ(hella)”って言った? だんだんあたし色に染まってきたな。

Did you actually just say “hella”? I think I’m a good bad influence on you.



We’re in the Otters’ lair!


■lair (n) a refuge or place for hiding(名)〈話〉〔秘密の〕隠れ家

*なぜいきなりここで「カワウソ Otter」が出てくるかというと、ブラックウェル校の水泳部のチーム名が”The Otters”だからでしょうね。



Big fucking deal. I want that heated water!


■big fucking deal(フレーズ)〈卑俗〉大したもの、一大事 → 反対の意味として「たいしたことない、どうでもいい」と皮肉として使われることがほとんど


見つからないように落ち着いて。分かった? 私はまだこの学校に通わなきゃならないんだから。

We still have to play it cool, okay? I still go to school here.


■play it cool (phrase) make an effort to be or appear to be calm and unemotional(フレーズ)〈米俗〉冷静に振る舞う



You can own this hellhole once you figure out your rewind power…

*「this hellhole」はブラックウェル校のことでしょうね~。マックスが番長?!


■hellhole (n) an extremely unpleasant place(名)〔地獄のような〕恐ろしい場所、悪の巣くつ



Max, try to find the light for the pool. I want to see the sharks!



Otters don’t like sharks. They bite.



So do I… Hit that light!


■hit the light (phrase) to turn on/off a light(フレーズ)電気をつける、電気を消す


ああ、いいよ! お風呂みたいだ! あのしまい込んであった金欲しかったのに、みすみすおいてきたことだけが心残りだけどな・・・。


Ohh yeah, baby! Feels like a hot tub! Too bad you made me feel like the Queen of Assholes because I wanted that cash stash…

Tell me you’re not gonna stand there watching me like a zombie.


■hot tub(名)温水浴槽

■stash (n) something, such as money or an illegal drug, that has been hidden or stored(名)〈話〉隠してあるもの

■cash stash(名)タンス預金



Don’t you dare…


■Don’t you dare (phrase) = don’t (フレーズ)やめなさい!



Come stop me, hippie!


オッケー、クロエが言いだしたんだからね! ヤッホーイ!

Okay, you asked for it! Cowabunga!


■cowabunga (exclamation) used to express delight or satisfaction.(間)わあ、きゃあ、ばんざい(歓喜を表す)


Why look, an otter in my water!


■why [wái ] (exclamation) used to express surprise or anger(間)おや、まあ(驚きや怒りを示す)

*「my water」と言ってるので、クロエがサメ役となってマックスをカワウソ





You’re so obvious. And I still get freaked out by that movie, so stop. I can’t even watch any of those shark shows.

I’ll just rewind and harpoon you. Otter’s revenge!



■harpoon [hɑrpúːn ] (v) to hit or kill a fish or whale with a harpoon(動)〔サメ・クジラ・巨大魚など〕に銛(モリ)を打ち込む

■revenge (n) harm done to someone as a punishment for harm that they have done to someone else(名)報復、仕返し、あだ討ち





■cheater (n) a person who acts dishonestly in order to gain an advantage(名)欺く人



Yeah, you would know about that!



I wish Rachel was here. She would totally love being in here at night. Wish you guys had met each other…



We will. With all this stuff going on, I’m starting to think everything is related…

And I want to find out for Kate’s sake. She almost died today…



Your power is changing everything, Max. Especially you. I can already tell. You’re not so chickenshit anymore.


■chickenshit (a) cowardly or fainthearted(形)〈卑〉臆病な



Thanks, girlfriend.


分かるだろ? マックスが「力」そのものになってる。

You know what I mean. You’re becoming like this force of nature.



More like luck of nature. Come on, my power failed trying to rescue Kate… Maybe I’m just stumbling back and forth in time… for what reason?


■stumble (v) 1. to walk in a way that does not seem controlled, 2. to make a mistake(動)1.〔歩いているときに〕ろめく、2.へまをやる

■back and forth (phrase) moving first in one direction and then in the opposite one(フレーズ)前後に、行ったり来たり



You didn’t stumble when you saved me, Max.


■stumble (v) 1. to walk in a way that does not seem controlled, 2. to make a mistake(動)1.〔歩いているときに〕よろめく、2.へまをやる


ホント良かったよ。でも・・・もし失敗してたら? もしも・・・ケイトは飛び降りなかったけどクロエは・・・死んでたよ・・・。

Thank God. But… what if I had? What if? Kate didn’t jump but you would be… dead…



So it’s time to start moving forward in time. And we’re obviously connected since without me you would have never discovered your power, right?



Absolutely. You make me feel like I know what I’m doing…



And you make me feel like I have a reason for still being in Arcadia Bay.



I hope so…



Stop being so goddamn humble. You’re like the smartest, most talented person I’ve ever known.


■humble (a) not proud or not believing that you are important(形)〔人が〕謙虚な、謙遜する



More than Rachel Amber?




Dude, I’m not her groupie, okay? And I’m sure you have Blackwell bros all over you—like Warren…


■groupie (n) a person who admires and tries to meet someone famous(名)熱烈なファン

■bros = brothers

■be all over (phrase) have a crush on(フレーズ)首ったけ、夢中



Warren is nice…


いい人? アイタた。なんだ、「お友達ゾーン」かよ。

Nice? Ouch. That means “Friendzone.”


■ouch (exclamation) used to express sudden physical pain(間)痛い!



No, he’s really cool. It was so sweet when he stood up to Nathan…But I haven’t told him about my rewind power…


■stand up to (phrase) to defend yourself against a powerful person or organization when they treat you unfairly(フレーズ)~に抵抗する



No worries. Once you get over yourself, you’re going to make the world bow.


■get over(フレーズ) 乗り越える、克服する、〔意外なことなどを〕信じる




As long as you’re there with me…



Don’t look so sad. I’m never leaving you…



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