英語版ゲーム「ライフ イズ ストレンジ」でオーバーラッピング練習 ep3p07 “Life is Strange” script



Episode 3: Chaos Theory カオス理論 パート7

前半: リピート再生・スロー再生・字幕あり

後半: 通し再生・字幕なし







Okay, time for some Chloe cosplay…


ほら、それ! レイチェルが大量の服を残していったんだ。マックスと同じサイズだよ。

Hey, there you go! Rachel left a bunch of her clothes with me… She’s your size.



But not quite my style.



Max, you don’t have a style yet. At least give it a try. You can always rewind back to your chlorine brand T-shirt and generic jeans.


■chlorine (n) a chemical element that is a greenish-yellow gas with a strong smell, added to water in order to kill organisms that might cause infection(名)塩素

■generic(形) ノーブランドの、無印の



You suck. I like my shirt and jeans… but it would be cool to try on Rachel’s clothes, just to see if they fit.


ウダウダするのはやめなって! それ着て内なるパンク少女を解き放て! 思い切った冒険してみな! なんでもまずはやってみればいいんだって・・・。例えば、あたしにキスしてみたらどうだい!

Stop second-guessing yourself, Max! Put this on and let your inner punk-rock girl come out! You can afford to take chances! Whenever and whatever you want to try… for example, I dare you to kiss me!


■second-guess yourself (phrase) to doubt yourself(フレーズ)自分を疑う、ああだこうだ考える

■take chances (phrase) behave in a way that leaves one vulnerable to danger or failure(フレーズ)危ない橋を渡る、思い切った冒険をする







I double dare you. Kiss me now.





Damn, you’re hardcore, Max! Now I can text Warren and tell him he doesn’t stand a chance… unless he’s into girl-on-girl action.


■hardcore (a) brave, aggressive(形)強烈でカッコいい、刺激的

■stand a chance (phrase) have a prospect of success or survival(フレーズ)チャンス・見込みがある



You are such a dork.


■dork [dɔːk ] (n) a stupid, awkward person(名)〈俗〉ばか、あほ、とんま、愚か者、のろま




いいよマックス! タトゥーとピアスを足せば立派なパンク娘だ。

Lookin’ sick, Max. A couple tats, some piercings and we’ll make a thrasher out of you yet


■You look sick = (slang) You look good


*thrasher: スケーターが着るパンクスタイルのブランド



Ready for the mosh pit, shaka brah.


■mosh pit(名)モッシュピット(ロック・ヘビーメタルのステージの直前・かぶりつきの踊り場所)

■shaka brah (n) A hand gesture made by closing into a fist and then extending the thumb and pinky finger. From Hawaii and surf culture(名)サーファーがよくする親指と小指を立てるハンドサイン。




Maybe not. Go on down and say hi to Joyce. Free breakfast! I have to, er, wake ‘n’ bake first.


■wake and bake (phrase) The act of waking up of a morning and partaking of the chronic by means of a bong without leaving the comfort of one’s bed. (フレーズ)朝起きて、ベッドに寝ころんだまま麻薬を吸う行為。



I promise not to tell.




Good morning, Joyce…


レイチェル! あ・・・マックス・・・。ふうっ、ドキッとした。その服、似合ってるじゃないか。レイチェルやクロエみたいな放蕩娘じゃくて良かったけどね。さあ、何を食べたいか言ってみな。

Rachel! Uh… I—I mean, Max… Whew, you startled me. You fit those clothes well. Thank God you’re not a hellraiser like her or Chloe. Now tell me exactly what you want to chow on.


■startle (v) to do something unexpected that surprises and sometimes worries a person or animal(動)~をびっくりさせる、ドキッとさせる


■chow  [tʃáu ] (v) eat (動)〈米俗〉食べる



Eggs and bacon all the way.


■all the way (phrase) with all available condiments and dressings(フレーズ)トッピング全のせ


覚えてるかい? あんたたち、あたしが「起きて、起きて、エッグ&ベーコンだよ」って叫ぶまで寝入ってたもんだよ。

Remember when you guys would sleep in until I yelled out, “Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey!”


■would (modal verb) used to talk about things in the past that happened often or always(法助)かつて~だった

■sleep in (phrase) to sleep until later in the morning than you usually do (フレーズ)〔休日などに〕遅くまで寝ている、朝寝坊する






After all these years and everything that’s happened, it’s great to see you and Chloe together again. She hasn’t had a good friend since you or Rachel… Those clothes remind me so much of her. Such a sweet girl. I’m just hoping she’s living large in L.A.


■live large (phrase) to have a luxurious lifestyle(フレーズ)豊かな・リッチな暮らしをする



I’d love to think that too, Joyce. But…



We’re on the same page, Max. I keep hoping that Rachel will show up or even send a message to Chloe from Hollywood… or wherever she is…


■on the same page (phrase) to understand and agree with what is being done or suggested(フレーズ)〈米〉〔複数の人々が〕同じ考えを持っている



I hate to even think this, much less say it out loud…but I think Rachel is in serious trouble.


■否定的内容 + much less (フレーズ)まして…ない、なおさら…でない

■say it out loud (phrase) to say sth so it can be heard(フレーズ)声に出して言う、声を大にして言う



I know…I watch those awful true crime shows and it makes me ill if I think about Rachel ending up on one…So I don’t think too much.



I see why Chloe is so obsessed with finding her…


■be obsessed with (phrase) Excessively or solely focused on, preoccupied with(フレーズ)~で頭がいっぱいである



Max Caulfield, are you actually jealous of Rachel?



Maybe. Rachel was so much cooler than me…


そう思うの? じゃあ何でクロエは五年間ずっとマックスみたいになりたいって言ってたんだろうね?

You think? Then why has Chloe been telling me she wishes she could be more like you over the past five years?


ウソだよ。あの・・・ホントに言ってたの? 五年前なんてすごく昔みたいに感じるな・・・。

Doubt it. Uh… did she really? Five years ago feels like a thousand now…


じゃあ何かい、あたしは100歳かい? あんたはまだ18だろう、マックス。ああ、若さって・・・。昔に戻れたらねぇ・・・。

And that makes me, what, a century old? You’re only 18, Max. Ah, youth… if only I could go back…



It’s not all that, Joyce…



Voila, a breakfast fit for us queens… and a king. Go sit at the table.


■voilà (exclamation) used when showing to other people something that you have just made or got and are pleased with(間投)〈フランス語〉ほら、じゃじゃーん

■fir for a king (phrase) of very good quality(フレーズ)上質な、贅沢な



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