英語中級者向け音読練習動画 Learn English with “Life is Strange” ep4p1



英語版ゲーム「ライフ イズ ストレンジ Life is Strange 」

Episode 4: Dark Room 暗室

Part 1








It’s weird hanging out with you again.


■weird(a) very strange and unusual, unexpected, or not natural(形)奇妙な、変な

■hang out with sb (phrase) to spend time with sb(フレーズ)つるむ、親しくする



I know… I’m glad we are, though.


クロエ:ここで止まろう? 最高の日没の景色じゃない? 写真家ってこういうの何て言うんだっけ?

Can we stop? This is seriously the best view of the sunset. What do photographers call that?


マックス:” マジック・アワー”。

“The golden hour.”


■Golden hour (n) the period of the day just before the sun sets or after it rises, when the light is redder and softer than usual so that photographs taken in it have a pleasing quality(名)夜明け直後か日暮れ直前の景色が赤みを帯びている時間帯。きれいな写真が撮れるので映像業界では“マジック・アワー”とも呼ばれる。



Those beached whales are so sad. I kind of know how they feel… At least I’m alive here with you.


■beach (v) to pull or force a boat, etc. out of the water onto the land(動)ビーチに乗り上げさせる、浜に引き上げる



You’re a real survivor, Chloe. I know you have to deal with so much.


■survivor (n) a person who is able to continue living their life successfully despite experiencing difficulties(名)生存者、逆境に強い人、〔災害や苦難を〕逃れた人

■deal with (phrase) to do sth in order to achieve sth or in order to solve a problem(フレーズ)〔問題などに〕取り組む、対応する



I don’t want anybody else feeling sorry for me. I can do that…along with my parents. My dad still feels guilty about buying me that car.


■along with (phrase) in company with or at the same time as(フレーズ)~と一緒に、~と併せて

■feel guilty (phrase) to feel ashamed and remorseful about sth(フレーズ)罪の意識を感じる、罪悪感を覚える



Are you okay to talk about the accident?



We never actually have, huh? There’s not much to say. Some prick in an SUV cut me off and I flew into a ditch.


■prick (n) a stupid man(名)嫌な[愚劣な・ひどい]やつ

■SUV (n) sport utility vehicle(名)スポーツ用多目的車

■cut off (phrase) block sb’s way(フレーズ)~の進行を妨げる、行く手を遮る

■ditch (n) a long, narrow open hole that is dug into the ground, usually at the side of a road or field(名)溝、水路



Do you…remember everything?



I saw everything in bullet time. I felt my back snap and… And that was the last thing I ever felt in my body. When I woke up in the hospital, I literally couldn’t move a muscle.


■buttet time (n) a highly sophisticated slow motion special effect technique used to show a bullet in flight(名)ブレットタイム(複数のカメラで、一瞬を高速撮影する手法)

■snap (v) to cause sth that is thin to break suddenly and quickly with a cracking sound(動)〔鋭い音を立てて〕折れる、〔パキッという〕音を立てる

■not move a muscle (phrase) to stay completely still(フレーズ)身動き一つしない


マックス:そんな! 何て言っていいか・・・分からないよ。

Jesus! I…I don’t know what to say.



Don’t say anything. I’m just happy I did get to see you again. I could have ended up vanishing out of the blue like that girl from Blackwell.


■get to (phrase) to have an opportunity to do something(フレーズ)~する機会を得る、~できるようになる

■end up doing (phrase) to finally be in a particular place or situation(フレーズ)最後には~になる~する羽目になる

■vanish (v) to disappear or stop being present or existing, especially in a sudden, surprising way(動)突然見えなくなる、消える

■out of the blue (phrase) completely unexpected(フレーズ)思いがけなく、突然、いきなり



What missing girl?



I don’t know her name, just read about it in the news. I feel bad for her family.

Max, thanks for coming out to see me. You’re…you’re doing awesome.



I don’t think so.



Um. My…my nose is getting cold. Maybe we should get back to my place.



It is hella cold out here.


■hella (adv) very (副)〈俗〉とても、すごく、めちゃ


クロエ:”クソ”? その言葉、好きじゃないな。気を悪くしてほしくないけど。

“Hella”? I hate that word, no offense.


■no offense (phrase) used before a statement to indicate that one does not want to cause a person or group to feel upset by what is about to be said(フレーズ)悪気はない



None taken.


■None taken (phrase) not insulted by what you just said(フレーズ)そのように受け取ってない→ 気にしてない




This is a pretty high-tech lair.


■lair (n) a refuge or place for hiding(名)〈話〉〔秘密の〕隠れ家



Feels like a high-tech cell. But I am lucky my parents bust their ass to take care of me. I know it’s hard for them…


■cell (n) a small room with not much furniture, especially in a prison or a monastery or convent(名)〔刑務所の〕監房、独房

■bust one’s ass (phrase) try very hard to do sth(フレーズ)〈米・卑俗〉身を粉にして働く、必死に頑張る



They’re grateful you are here with them.


クロエ:そうだね? 特に自分たちだけで出歩くこともままならない時なんか嬉しいだろうね?時々、生意気なガキみたいに振る舞うんだ。そしたらパパとママは私を怒鳴りつけることができるでしょ? ほら、惨めでしょ。

Right. Especially when they can’t even take a walk alone. Sometimes I act like a total teenage brat just to give them an excuse to yell at me. Pathetic, I know.


■brat (n) child, especially one who behaves badly(名)悪ガキ

■excuse (n) a reason that you give to explain why you did something wrong(名)弁解、言い訳

■pathetic (a) unsuccessful or showing no ability, effort, or bravery, so that people feel no respect(形)哀れな、(惨め過ぎて)見ていられない



Chloe, you’re a great daughter. You’re kind and sensitive, when you don’t even have to be.


■sensitive (a) understanding what other people need, and being helpful and kind to them 〔他の人に〕思いやりがある、親切な



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