「ライフ イズ ストレンジ」で英語学習 ep5p3 “Life is Strange” script


英語字幕・日本語訳 (Episode 5: Polarized 偏光 Part 3)



Rachel Amber… Hm. That’s the real tragedy. Nathan thought he could be an artist like me…instead, the dumbass gave her an overdose.


■dumbass (n) someone who is stupid (名)〈米・卑俗〉大ばか者、ぼんくら

■overdose (n) too much of a drug taken or given at one time(名)〔薬剤・麻薬の〕過剰摂取



He was genuinely talented. And his father is a serious asshole, as you might know…


■genuinely (adv) truthfully; sincerely; really; actually(副)純粋に、真に、正真正銘

■talented (a) with talent; able or skilful(形)才能のある、優れた、有能な



I know.



I became a sort of…father figure for Nathan. It happens often in teacher/student relationships. It was kind of…touching, for a while.


■figure (n) a particular type of figure is a person with that characteristic(名)人物、象徴

■father figure (n) an older man who is respected for his paternal qualities and may be an emotional substitute for a father(名)父親代わり(の人)、理想の父親像

■touching (a) making you feel sadness, sympathy, etc. (形)人の心にジーンとくる



Did you tell him everything about your plans at Blackwell?



Don’t be stupid, Max. I told him what he needed to hear. In return, I had access…to the Prescott fortune; who do you think paid for this glorious dark room and equipment?


■in return (phrase) as payment or in exchange for sth, or as a way of thanking sb for sth(フレーズ)返礼・見返りとして



Where is Nathan now?



Dead and buried. After what he did to Rachel, I knew I couldn’t keep him as a protégé for much longer. Now the police will never find his body…



■protégé [próutəʒèi ] (n) sb who is helped, taught, or protected by an important or more experienced person(名)〈フランス語〉保護・庇護を受けている人

■body (n) a dead person(名)死体


マックス:すべての罪をネイサンになすりつけることなんてできないから! 私に何をしようが、先生はもう終わりだから。クロエ、レイチェル、その他の犠牲者達の報いを受けるんだ。

You can’t blame all this on Nathan! I don’t care what you do to me. You’re gonna die, motherfucker! For Chloe, and Rachel, and everybody else!


■blame sth on sb(フレーズ) ~を(人)のせいにする




I do love your spirit, Max, but you brought yourself here, by your own choice. Anyway, I like my models to be seen and not heard…so I have to make sure…there’s nothing left behind…of you.


□Children should be seen and not heard. 子供たちは目の届く所にいて何も言わぬがよい。子供は大人の前で黙っているべきだ



Okay. Now, let’s see how these shots came out. I can see why your instant camera is so appealing. You don’t need a computer to print your work out.


■come out (phrase) If information, results, etc. come out, they are given to people(フレーズ)〔結果が〕出る

■appealing (a) attractive or interesting(形)魅力的な、好ましい




I have all those photos in my diary… This could be a way out.

Wait! Please, Mr. Jefferson…


■way out (n) a door or passage through which you leave a building, a way to escape a difficult situation(名)出口、逃げ道



Max…  I would love to talk shop, but I really need to go over these pictures. Especially while they’re fresh in my mind… I think our session…was a career high for me…


■talk shop (phrase) to talk about things relating to your work when you are in a social situation, especially in a way that is not interesting to other people(フレーズ)仕事の話をする、所構わず商売の話をする



You…you still have my diary.



Don’t worry…nobody’s going to read it. Thanks for reminding me. There’s nothing more innocent than a teenager’s diary. Oh…look at your selfies. What a waste of talent. Look at that shot, Max… You can do so much better.



I could frame any one of you in a dark corner, and capture you in a moment of desperation.


■desperation (n) the feeling of being in such a bad situation that you will take any risk to change it(名)自暴自棄、死に物狂い、やけくそ



Shh, I believe Max has taken what you kids call a “selfie”…




I’m back… Right back where I started this insane week… And nobody is going to hurt Chloe ever again…







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