「ライフ イズ ストレンジ」で英語学習 ep5p4 “Life is Strange” script


英語字幕・日本語訳 (Episode 5: Polarized 偏光 Part 4)


Now, Max, since you’ve captured our interest and clearly want to join the conversation, can you please tell us the name of the process that gave birth to the first self-portraits?


マックス:どうでもいいでしょ? こんな授業、くだらない。

Who cares? This class is hella bullshit.


■hella (adv) very (副)〈俗〉とても、すごく、めちゃ

■bullshit (n) complete nonsense or something that is not true(名)〈卑俗〉たわ言、でたらめ



I’ll pretend you didn’t say that, and let you try to answer one more…


■pretend (v) to behave as if something is true when you know that it is not(動)~のふりをする



Sorry, there’s no time left. I mean, your class is almost over.



Oh… Well, uh… Thanks for the warning, Max. So, the Daguerreian Process made portraiture quite popular, mainly because it gave the subjects clear, defined features. You can learn more when you finish reading the assigned chapters. Clearly, Max doesn’t have the, uh…time.


■portraiture [pɔ́rtritʃər ] (n) the act or art of making portraits(名)肖像画(技)法、肖像写真

■defined (a) used for talking about sth that has clear edges or a clear shape, so that it is easy to see(形)輪郭が明確な

■assign (v) to give a particular job or piece of work to sb (動)指定する、割り当てる

*課題のことを「assignment」と言います。課題の中でも教師が生徒に家でやるように割り当てたものを「homework 宿題」と言います。「assignment」は「homework」を内包しているので、「assignment」を宿題の意味で使うこともあります。「宿題」と言いたい時、「homework」より「assignment」を使うことのほうが多い気がします。地域差とかあるのかな?



今回だけは・・・デイビッドが過剰なくらい反応してくれますように! そしてジェファソンの悪事をすぐにでも止めてくれますように!

I have to warn David about Jefferson and the Dark Room. I should be able to track down David’s number from the school pamphlet. Found you!

For once, David…I’m praying you’ll overreact to this as much as everything else…and take Jefferson down fast.


■track down ( phrase) to search for someone or something(フレーズ)追い詰める、追跡して捕らえる

■for once (phrase) used for saying that you would like sth to happen on this occasion, even though it does not usually happen(フレーズ)今回だけは、一度くらい

■take down (phrase) to defeat or kill someone, or to stop someone from causing harm(フレーズ)やっつける、悪事を止める



Mr. Madsen. You’re after Rachel Amber. Mark Jefferson is guilty. His Dark Room is under the Prescotts’ farmhouse. You know the location. He’s sick and dangerous. Stop him.


■farmhouse (n) the main house on a farm where the farmer lives(名)〔農場内の〕母屋、家屋





You wanted me to enter the contest, asshole.

So maybe I’ll be going to San Francisco. And, Jefferson…you’ll be going to prison.

The past within the past… Am I pushing myself too hard?




Mr. Jefferson? We need to talk.



Can you see I’m talking to Mr. Jefferson now?



Yes, I see. But maybe you shouldn’t…



Uh, and why not?



Hold on, Victoria. Are you okay, Max?


■hold on (phrase) used to tell someone to wait for a short time(フレーズ)ちょっと待って





I will be when Victoria understands that hiding behind a screen, posting videos of people is incredibly cruel and unfair. You’re smart enough to know how easy it is to hurt somebody, to destroy their life. I just want you to think about how much it would hurt if somebody did that to you. You can always make the right choice, Victoria. I know you’ve got a good heart. I’ve seen it.


■incredibly (adv) used for saying that sth is very difficult to believe(副)(話〉信じられないほど、非常に



Listen…I…I didn’t…


マックス:何も言わなくてもいいの。自分の才能じゃ幸せになれないんじゃないかって考えて不安になる必要なんてないの。人を引きずり下ろすんじゃなくて、同じ高さまで引き上げる方がずっと良いと思わない? ヴィクトリアならそれができるんだから。

You don’t have to explain. There’s no reason for you to be so insecure that you can’t be happy with your own talent. Wouldn’t it be better to lift people up than to bring them down? You could inspire people…


■insecure (a) Insecure people have little confidence and are uncertain about their own abilities or if other people really like them(形)不安定な、〔人が〕不安な

■bring down (phrase) to cause sb to lose power(フレーズ)〔誇りを〕くじく、傷つける

■inspire (v) to make sb feel that they want to do sth and can do it(動)〔人を〕元気づける、〔人を〕明るくさせる



Okay, I don’t know what you’re talking about now… Do I, Mr. Jefferson?



I think I should stay out of this one, Victoria.


■stay out of (phrase) to not become involved in an argument or discussion(フレーズ)~に関わらない、~を避ける、口を挟まない



Then I guess I’m done talking.



And that’s okay too.








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