【確認用】”Life is Strange” Episode 1: Chrysalis



ビデオゲーム「ライフ イズ ストレンジ」 エピソード1: Chrysalis

英語版「ライフ イズ ストレンジ」のエピソード1の通し動画。









■be trapped (phrase) If someone or something is trapped, that person or thing is unable to move or escape from a place or situation(フレーズ)閉じ込められている

■lighthouse (名)灯台

■surreal (a) not seeming real; like a dream(形)超現実的な、非現実的な

■capture (v) to represent or describe something very accurately using words or images

in black and white(動)〔とらえにくいものを〕永続的な形に変える、形あるものに記録する

■weird(a) very strange and unusual, unexpected, or not natural(形)奇妙な、変な

■crap (n) something that is not worth anything, not useful, nonsense, or of bad quality


■resist (v) to refuse to accept or be changed by something(動)抵抗する、我慢する

■portraiture [pɔ́rtritʃər ] (n) the act or art of making portraits(名)肖像画(技)法、肖像写真

■vital (a) extremely important 極めて重要な

■aspect (n) one part of a situation, problem, subject, etc.(名)側面、特徴

■capture someone’s interest (フレーズ)(人)の関心[興味]を引く、(人)の心をとらえる[引き付ける]

■reflective (a) A reflective surface sends back most of the light that shines on it and can therefore be seen easily(形)反射する、反射による

■fete [féit ] (v) Honour or entertain (someone) lavishly(動)祝宴を開いて(人)に敬意を表する

■exposure (n) the fact of experiencing something or being affected by it because of being in a particular situation or place(名)〔人前や社会に〕触れること

■kick-start (v) to make something start to happen or start to develop more quickly


■get it together (フレーズ)全てをうまくまとめる、うまくやりこなす、うまくやり遂げる

■lame (a) uninspiring and dull, convincingly feeble(形)〔説明・言い訳などが〕説得力のない、下手な、まずい、見え透いた

■drag sb into sth (phrase) to force someone to become involved in an unpleasant or difficult situation(フレーズ)~を…に引っ張り込む

■get nothing on~(フレーズ)~には敵わない

■excuse you (フレーズ)邪魔だ

■envision (v) to imagine or expect that something is a likely or desirable possibility in the future(動)〔将来起こり得る良い事を〕心に[思い]描く、想像する

■time out (n) Time for rest or recreation away from one’s usual work or studies(名) 小休止

■taunt [ tɔːnt ] (v) to intentionally annoy and upset someone by making unkind remarks to them, laughing unkindly at them, etc.(動)嘲る、なじる、愚弄する、(人)を嘲って~させる

■photo op (n) = photo opportunity(名)シャッターチャンス、写真撮影時間

■count to three (n) (名)〔3まで数えるのと同じくらい〕とても容易な、とても簡単な

■perimeter [pərímətər] (n) the outer edge of an area of land or the border around it(名)〔平面図形の〕外周、〔地域を囲む〕境界

■bidness = business

■hella (a) a lot of(俗)たくさんの

■boo hoo (exclamation) used to represent the sound of someone crying noisily(間) ワーワー、エーンエーン、シクシク、メソメソ、トホホホ、やれやれ、あーあー、かわいそうに

■pump (動) ポンプで~から水をくみ出す、送り込む

■respectable (a) behaving well, in a way that most people think is right(形)尊敬すべき、社会的地位のある、礼儀正しい

■a punk ass (名) チンピラ

■hassle [hǽsl ](v) to annoy someone, mainly by asking for something again and again(動)〈話〉〔人を〕うるさがらせる、悩ます、イライラさせる

■go back in time (フレーズ)時間を遡る、過去に戻る

■rewind (v) to make a sound or video recording go back to the beginning(動)き戻す、巻き直す

■bide (v) to wait calmly for a good opportunity to do something(動)待つ、じっとしている

■elusive (a) difficult to describe, find, achieve, or remember(形)定義の難しい、見つけにくい

■I’m on top of it. (フレーズ)大丈夫。ちゃんとやっています。

■on fire(フレーズ)イケてる、調子がいい

■retrace (v) go back over (the same route that one has just taken)(動) 〔道を〕引き返す、たどりなおす、遡って調べる、回顧する

■shred (v) tear or cut into shreds, strips of material(動) ~をズタズタに裂く、細かく切る[刻む]、シュレッダーにかける

■freak (n) A person regarded as strange because of their unusual appearance or behaviour(名)変わり者、変人、奇形

■up to (フレーズ) 〔よからぬことを・ひそかに〕たくらんで、もくろんで

■in guilt (フレーズ) 後ろめたそうに

■trip out (phrase) freak out (フレーズ)怖がらせる

■missy (名)お嬢さん、娘さん

■stressed out (phrase) worried and not able to relax(フレーズ)ストレスで参る・疲れ切っている

■be up-front with (phrase) speaking in a way that makes intentions and beliefs clear(フレーズ)(人)に対して率直である、率直に打ち明ける

■babble [bǽbl ] (v) to talk or say something in a quick, confused, excited, or silly way(動)わめく、がなり立てる

■distinguished (a) famous or admired(形)〔人が能力や功績などで〕名高い、著名な、〔行動や功績などが〕際だった、抜群の

■brandish [ brǽndiʃ ] (v) to wave something in the air in a threatening or excited way(動)〔武器を〕振り回す、〔物を〕見せびらかす、誇示する

■bust (v) (slang) catch someone who does something wrong(動)(スラング)悪いことをした人をつかまえる

■look into (フレーズ)〔問題などを〕調査する

■drone (名)〈英話〉怠け者

■dizzy (a) feeling like everything is turning around and as if you might fall(形)目が回る、目まいがする、フラフラする

■conflict (n) disagreement or fighting(名)衝突、確執

■approve (v) to think that something is good or right(動)良いと考える[思う]、気に入る、賛成する、満足に思う

■hopeful (a) feeling good or confident about something in the future(形)希望に満ちた

■petition (n) a paper with a lot of people’s names on it that asks someone in authority to do something(名)〔権威あるものに対する〕請願(書)、陳情(書)

■surveillance (n) the careful watching of a person or place, because of a crime that has happened or is expected(名)監視、見張り

■penitentiary (n) a state or federal prison(名)連邦刑務所

■heritage (n) features belonging to the culture of a particular society, such as traditions, languages, or buildings(名)遺産、特定の社会文化に根差した特性

■lore (n) traditional knowledge and stories about a subject (名)言い伝え、伝承

■flash drive (n) a small piece of equipment to copy and store information(名)フラッシュドライブ、USB

■ho (n) = habitual offender (名)常習犯

■gimmick (n) something that is not serious or of real value that is used to attract people’s attention (名)〔賭博の不正な〕仕掛け、〔宣伝広告の巧みな〕策略

■waif [weif ] (n) a child or animal without a home or enough food and care, usually thin and dirty in appearance(名)痩せ細った浮浪児や動物、〈俗〉非常に痩せている女性

■hipster (n) someone who is very influenced by the most recent ideas and fashions(名)サブカル好き、個性派

■bullshit (n) complete nonsense or something that is not true (名)戯言

■meds (n) = medication or medicine(名)〈話〉医薬品

■boney = bony [bóuni ] (a) very thin(形)骨ばった、痩せた

■chill (v) calm down(動)〈主に米俗〉落ち着く、くつろぐ

■outfit (n) a set of clothes worn for a particular occasion or activity(名)衣服、洋服

■Ol’ = Old

■-esque (suffix) like or in the style of someone or their work(接尾)~のような、~に似た、~風の、~的な、~をほうふつさせる

■slut (n) woman who is usually untidy and lazy (名)〈俗・侮蔑的〉怠け者の女

■It’s just one of those days. (フレーズ) こういう日もあるよね。

■Au revoir (phrase) good bye in French(フレーズ)バイバイ(仏語)

■cocoon (n) the covering made of soft, smooth threads that surrounds and protects particular insects during the pupa stage as they develop into adult form (名)繭

■flick(n) (informal) a film(名)(俗)映画、映画館

■li’l =little

■rot (v) to become bad and soft because of being dead or old(動)腐る、ダメになる

■sext (v) to send text messages that are about sex or intended to sexually excite someone(動)〈話〉~にエロメールする

■flattered (a) to feel very pleased and proud(形)うれしく光栄に思う

■according to (phrase) as stated by(フレーズ)~によると

■quarterback (n) in American football, the player who receives the ball at the start of every play and tries to move it along the field(名) (アメフト)クォーターバック(花形のポジション)

■convince (v) to make someone believe that something is true (動)確信させる、納得させる、説得する

■of course (フレーズ)あっそうか、そうですね、なるほど(自分が気付かなかったことを相手が言った時など)

■mess around with (phrase) have a sexual relationship with someone who is not their wife or husband(フレーズ)~といちゃつく]

■old-school (a) old-fashioned(形)古い習慣を守る、伝統的スタイルの

■geez = gee (exclamation) an expression of surprise, enthusiasm, annoyance, etc.(間)〔驚き・喜び・落胆などを表して〕おや、うわ~、参った、う~ん、へえっ、ちえっ

■push one’s luck (phrase) to try too hard to get a particular result and risk losing what you have achieved


■browse(v) to look through a book or magazine without reading everything (動)ざっと見る、拾い読みする

■drama queen(n) someone who gets too upset or angry over small problems(名)芝居がかった行動を取る人、過剰に騒ぎ立てる人(男性に対しても使われる言葉)

■cannibal (n) a person who eats human flesh, or an animal that eats the flesh of animals of its own type(名)人食い人種

■emo (n) (slang) a young person who likes this music, wears mainly black clothes, and is often nervous, worried, and unhappy(名)〈話〉情緒不安定なやつ

■pushover (n) something easy to do or win, or someone who is easily persuaded, influenced, or defeated(名)いいなりになる人

■hip (俗〉流行に敏感な、いかした、利口な

■have a quick mind (フレーズ) 頭の回転が速い

■literally (adv) used to emphasize what you are saying文字通り

■pest (n) an annoying person(名)厄介な人、厄介者

■insult (v) to say or do something to someone that is rude or offensive(動)侮辱する、こけにする、ばかにする

■go on (phrase) to continue (フレーズ)続けて~する

■incredibly (adv) used for saying that something is very difficult to believe(副)信じられないような

■groupie (n) a person who admires and tries to meet someone famous(名)熱烈なファン

■whatthefuckever (phrase) used when a person is raging so hard that they don’t care to construct sentences in their responses. meaning “tottaly right, end of story”.自分が正しいと思いながら叫ぶ言葉

■shithole (n) (informal) a very unpleasant place, especially one that is very dirty or poor(名)非常に汚い[不潔な・むさ苦しい]場所

■dude (n) (slang) a man(名)〈米俗〉やつ、男、野郎

■whore (n) a woman whose behaviour in her sexual relationships is considered immoral(名)売春婦、淫売女、ふしだらな人

■mess with (phrase) to treat someone in a bad, rude, or annoying way(フレーズ)~に干渉する、~に盾突く、~にちょっかいを出す

■messed up (phrase) unhappy and emotionally confused(フレーズ)めちゃくちゃだ、混乱している

■stand up for (phrase) to defend or support someone or something(フレーズ)~のために立ち向かう、~に味方する、~をかばう

■big time = a lot

■in debt (フレーズ)借金している、借りがある

■suck (v) (slang) If someone or something sucks, that person or thing is bad or unpleasant(動)(俗・軽蔑的〉最悪である、非常にむかつく

■out of one’s league (phrase) doing something that you are not skilled enough to do, esp. compared to other people doing the same thing(フレーズ)高根の花のである

■smartass (n) someone who is always trying to seem more intelligent than other people in a way that is annoying  (名)知ったかぶりをする人

■fuck you over (phrase) to do wrong to another person, usually intentionally. (フレーズ)いやがらせをする

■Nuff said (phrase) =Enough said (フレーズ)これ以上聞きたくない、いい加減にしろ、分かったってば

■settle in (phrase) to become familiar with somewhere new, and to feel comfortable there(フレーズ)〔新しい住居・環境などに慣れて〕落ち着く

■cliché [kliːʃéi ] (n) an idea or expression that has been used too often and is often considered a sign of bad writing or old-fashioned thinking(名)使い古された、陳腐な

■geek (n) someone who is intelligent but not fashionable or popular(名)マニア、おたく

■Are you cereal? = Are you serious?

■step- (prefix) related to someone through a second marriage(接頭)血縁のない

■douche [dúːʃ ] (n) (informal) an unpleasant person(名)(俗・軽蔑的〉嫌なやつ

■a boatload (n) (informal) a large amount (名)大量の~

■Nerd (n) a person who is extremely interested in one subject, and knows a lot of facts about it(名)おたく、専門ばか

■Nerd alert オタク的なことだから注意要。

■chill out (phrase) to relax completely(フレーズ)〈主に米俗〉落ち着く

■führer [fjúərər ] a leader (German) (名)総統、専制的な指導者

■medicate (v) to treat someone with a medicine(動)~に投薬する

■nosey (a) too interested in what other people are doing and wanting to discover too much about them(形)詮索好きな、おせっかいな、他人のことに首を突っ込む

■put it mildly (phrase) used for saying that something is much more extreme than your words suggest(フレーズ)控え目に言う、それ以上だ

■abandoned [əbǽndənd ] (a) left in a particular place or condition, usually forever(形)見捨てられた、放棄された

■have one’s back (phrase) to be ready to protect or defend someone(フレーズ)守る、背中から支える

■kick ass (phrase) very exciting or forceful(フレーズ)勝つ、徹底的に楽しむ、強い、爽快である

■hitched (a) married(形) 〈話〉結婚している

■re-hitched (a) re-married(形)〈話〉再婚している


■deductive (a) reaching an answer or a decision by thinking carefully about the known facts(形)演繹的な、持っている知識や情報を使うことで、それは何かについての意見を理解する

■poof (exclamation) used to show that something has happened suddenly or by magic(間投) パッ、フッ(手品などで物が瞬時に消えるときの擬音)、(動)〈俗〉(人)がパッと消える、去る、いなくなる


■You’ve got to be shitting me = You’ve got to be kidding me.

■butterfingers (n) a person who drops things they are carrying or trying to catch(名)よく物を落とす人、不器用な人

■precision (a) used to describe machines, tools, etc. that are made to a very accurate and exact standard(形)精度の高い

■freak (v) to become or cause someone to become extremely emotional(動)〔異常に〕興奮する、動揺する、〈俗〉〔薬で〕恐ろしい幻覚を見る、異常な行動をする

■set off (フレーズ) 作動する[させる]

■rage (v) to show extreme or violent anger(動)怒る

■badass [bǽdæ̀s ] (n) someone or something that you admire or find impressive(名)〈卑俗〉〔大胆な行動などを褒めて〕すごいやつ

■wet oneself (フレーズ)ちびる、おねしょをする

■overhear( v) to hear what other people are saying without intending to and without their knowledge  (動)~をふと耳にする、立ち聞きする、小耳に挟む

■jackass [dʒǽkæ̀s ] (n) (informal) a person who behaves in a silly way(名)〈主に米話〉のろま、間抜け、バカ

■blab [blǽb ] (v) to talk carelessly or too much, often telling others something you should keep secret(動)〔秘密を〕うっかり漏らす、〔無分別に〕ベラベラしゃべる

■snag [snǽg ] (v) (informal) to get or catch something by acting quickly(動)〈米話〉~をさっとつかむ

■mushy [mʌ́ʃi ] (a) too emotional(形)〈話〉過度に感傷的な

■stage diving(名)〈話〉ステージ・ダイビング(ロックなどのコンサートで、舞台からフロアーへ飛び込み、観客が受け止めるもの)

■insane (a) extremely unreasonable or stupid(形)〈話〉〔行動・考えなどが〕常軌を逸した、正気とは思えない、ばかげた、愚かな

■rule (動)(米俗)めちゃくちゃいい

■rawk out (phrase) = rock out (フレーズ)〈米俗〉思い切り楽しむ

■break it down (phrase) = dance ( in music) (フレーズ)踊る(音楽の場面での意味)

■blast (v) to make a very loud and unpleasant noise(動)大きな音で鳴らす

■stall (v) to delay taking action or avoid giving an answer in order to have more time to make a decision or get an advantage(動)〔交渉などを〕引き延ばす

■get smart (フレーズ)生意気を言う

■screw around (phrase) to waste time(フレーズ)〔くだらないことをして〕時間を無駄遣いする

■go through(フレーズ) くまなく調べる、捜索する

■care less about (フレーズ)~について知ったことではない、関心がない

■grass (n) marijuana(名)〈俗〉マリフアナ、大麻

■toke [tóuk ] (v) the act of breathing in smoke from a cigarette or pipe containing marijuana(動)〔マリフアナたばこを〕吸う

■weed (n) marijuana(名)〈俗〉マリフアナ

■tripping balls(名)薬でハイな状態の異常行動

■disrespect (n) lack of respect(名) 尊敬を欠くこと、軽視、無礼

■pot (n) marijuana〈俗〉マリフアナ

■spotless (a) extremely clean(形)染みのない、欠点のない、潔白な

■get around(フレーズ) あちこちに移動する

■pop up (フレーズ) 〔不意に〕現れる、出現する

■start trouble (フレーズ)トラブルを起こす

■like you know = as you know

■take the heat(フレーズ)〈俗〉〔激しい〕非難・批判に耐える

■smack down (phrase) a hit from someone’s flat hand as a punishment(フレーズ)打ち負かす、~に灸を据える

■no match for (phrase) to be less powerful or effective than someone or something else(フレーズ)~にとって競争相手、勝負の相手ではない

■epic (a) extremely good(形)〈米俗〉素晴らしい、最高の

■sneak out (phrase) to go somewhere secretly  (フレーズ) 抜け出す、こっそり逃げる

■hang in(フレーズ)〈話〉最高に楽しい

最高じゃない? 子どもの頃を思い出すよ・・・来なよ、のろま!

■awesome sauce (フレーズ) マジ最高,最高に楽しい

■slowpoke (n) someone, especially a child, who is walking or doing something too slowly(名)〈米話〉のろま(a) まどろこしい、もどかしい

■take one for the team(フレーズ)犠牲バント・犠牲フライをする、自ら進んで犠牲になる

■firsthand (adv) you experience it yourself(副)直接体験して、じかに

■prick (n) a stupid man(名)嫌な[愚劣な・ひどい]やつ

■agenda (n) a list of aims or possible future achievements(名)(発言や行動に隠された〕意図

■fetish (n) an activity or object that you are so interested in that you spend an unreasonable amount of time thinking about it or doing it(名)フェチ

■spy cam (名) 盗撮装置、隠し撮りカメラ

■Ignorance is bliss. (phrase) said to emphasize that sometimes it is better for you if you do not know all the facts about a situation(フレーズ)知らぬが仏、無知は至福である

■bliss(n) perfect happiness(名)至福、無上の[この上ない]喜び、霊的な喜び、天福

■laxative [lǽksətiv ] (n) a substance that makes it easier for the waste from someone’s bowels to come out(名)〔効き目の弱い〕通じ薬、便秘薬

■bad shit (名)質の悪いドラッグ

■dose (v) to give someone a measured amount of medicine(動)~に投薬する、~に服用させる

■card (v) to ask someone to show you a document, especially an identity card(動)〈米〉~に身分証名書の提示を求める



■one step ahead (フレーズ)一歩先を行く

■pass out (phrase) to become unconscious for a short time (フレーズ)意識を失う、気絶する

■perv = pervert (n) a person whose sexual behaviour is considered strange and unpleasant by most people(名)性的倒錯者、変質者

■crawl (v) to move slowly, especially with your body stretched out along the ground(動)〔手足を地表または床面につけて〕はう

■blur (n) something that you cannot see clearly(名)〔物の形・輪郭・境界などが〕ぼやけ、不鮮明

■bum rush (phrase) suddenly force or barge one’s way into(フレーズ)〈米俗〉~に突進[突撃]する

■furious (a) extremely angry (形)激怒した

■keep quiet (フレーズ)静かにしている、内密にする

■shit pit (n) (slang) A very unpleasant location. (名)(俗)不快な場所

■black out (phrase) to become unconscious suddenly but for a short period(フレーズ)気を失う

■wipe out(フレーズ)徹底的に破壊する

■zoned (形)〈米俗〉疲れ果てた

■scare sb shitless (phrase) to make someone extremely frightened (フレーズ)〈俗〉〔恐怖・退屈などが〕完全に力が抜けるほど怖がらせる

■snowflake (n) a small piece of snow (名)雪のひとひら、雪片



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