「ライフ イズ ストレンジ トゥルーカラーズ」で英語学習 ch1p14 “Life is Strange: True Colors” script


英語字幕・日本語訳  (Chapter 1: Side A  part 14)


Hang on, Ethan. I’m coming.


■hang on (phrase) to wait for a short time / to hold or continue holding onto sth(フレーズ)少し待つ、〔困難などに屈せず〕ふんばる


ライアン: 良い感じだぞ、アレックス。

You got this, Alex.



Go back. You’ll get hurt!



I’m not gonna get hurt and neither are you.



What if you’re wrong?



Hey. Ethan? I’m here to help, okay?


イーサン:ダメだ! 逃げて!

No! Get away!


■get away (phrase) escape(フレーズ)逃げる




Shit. It’s too much. I have to get him to chill out.

Ethan. I need you to calm down. Can you breathe for me?


■get sb/sth to do (phrase) persuade or make sb/sth do sth(フレーズ)(使役)(人・物)を~させる

■chill out (phrase) to relax completely(フレーズ)〈主に米俗〉落ち着く

■calm down (phrase) to begin to feel more relaxed and less emotional(フレーズ)静まる、落ち着く

■breathe (v) take air into the lungs and then expel it(動)呼吸する、息をする


イーサン:こんなとこに来ちゃいけなかったんだ! ホントにバカだ!

I should never have come out here! I was so stupid!



Okay, hey, focus. Talk to me. You wanna tell me how you got out here?



I was trying to cross to the other side. The log fell.


■cross (v) go or extend across or to the other side of (an area, stretch of water, etc.)(動)横断する、渡る

■log (n) a part of the trunk or a large branch of a tree that has fallen or been cut off(名)丸太、(木の)幹・胴体


アレックス:そっか、だけどイーサンが落ちることはないよ。丸太を渡ってきたのを見た? 私、めちゃくちゃバランス感覚がいいの。

I’m no gonna let you fall, okay? Did you see me coming down this log? I’m super…balanced.



No no no no. I can hear it down there.


アレックス:聞こえるって何を? まあいいや。とにかくイーサンをここから連れ出さないと。ねえ、ここにはいられないんだよ、イーサン。ここから――

Hear what? Doesn’t matter. Just gotta get him out of here. We can’t stay here, Ethan. We have to—


イーサン:アイツに見つかる! もしも動いたら、アイツに見られちゃう!

It’ll see me! If I move, it’ll see me!



What’s gonna see you?



You don’t understand.




He’s right. I don’t. I can’t help him if I don’t understand what he’s afraid of. And the only way to understand is to feel what he’s feeling. Ah fuck. I can’t believe this is happening.

I can do this. I can do this.




アレックス:ああ、イヤだイヤだイヤだ! そんな、何が起こってるの?

Shit! Shit shit shit shit shit! Oh my god. What’s happning?



I brought all this stuff. None of it will save me.



I’m not just feeling what Ethan feels. I’m seeing the world like he sees it!



Ninth Warden wouldn’t be afraid. But it’s just a story. This is real. I thought I could hunt the monster. But it’s hunting me.


■hunt (v) pursue and kill sth for sport or food(動)狩る、狩猟する、追う



Okay. He’s not afraid of the fall. He’s afraid of…Shit!



Can’t let it see me. Can’t let it see me.



ねえ。私にも見えるよ、イーサン。あのモンスター。私にも見える。そんでもってイーサンと同じくらい私も怖いよ。でもね、イーサン。私たちは大丈夫なの。なぜだか分かる? アイツには私が見えないの。透過の腕輪。ナインス・ワーデンみたいにね。

It can’t be real. Ugh, but it looks pretty fucking real.

Hey, hey. I see it too, Ethan. The monster? I see it too. And I’m just as scared as you are. But Ethan. We’re safe. You know why? It can’t see me. Bangle of Vanishing. Just like Ninth Warden.


■bangle (n) a ring of stiff plastic, metal, etc. worn around the wrist or arm as jewellery(名)バングル、腕輪

■vanish (v) to disappear or stop being present or existing, especially in a sudden, surprising way(動)突然見えなくなる、消える、消えてなくなる



I thought that was just a story.


アレックス:本当の物語もあるんだよ。モンスター達みたいにね。じゃあ私の手をつかんで。私に触れてる限り安全だから。下を見ないでね? あっという間に渡り終えるから。

Well, some stories are true. Like monsters. So you’re gonna hold my hand, alright? As long as you’re touching me, you’re safe. Don’t look down, okay? We’ll be done before you know it.


■before you know it (phrase) very soon(フレーズ)すぐに、いつの間にか


ライアン:ふたりが戻ってくる! ロープを緩めるなよ、ゲイブ。

They’re headed back! Keep tight on the belay, Gabe.


■headed (a) going in a particular direction(形)(ある方向に)向かっている

■belay (n) a place where a climbing rope is or can be fixed(名)〔ザイルの〕確保点


アレックス: ここからだ。ああ。大丈夫。一歩ずつ。


Not over yet. Oh god. Okay. One step at a time.




That’s it. Come on. Here you go. I got you.


■That’s it(フレーズ)いいぞ、その調子




アレックス:兄さん? 兄さん!

そんな! そんな! 兄さん! 兄さん! イヤだよ!

Gabe? Gabe!

No! No! Gabe! Gabe! No!





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