「ライフ イズ ストレンジ トゥルーカラーズ」で英語学習 ch2p1 “Life is Strange: True Colors” script


英語字幕・日本語訳  (Chapter 2: Lantans ランタン  part 1)


…I’m not big on speeches. I’ve always believed that the role of the bartender…is to shut up and listen. And by that measure, Gabe was the worst bartender I’ve ever known.


■be big on (phrase) to like sth very much(フレーズ)~が大好きである

例)私は野菜があまり好きではありません。I’m not big on vegetables.

■measure (n) a way of judging sth(名)評価基準、尺度



I’d never issued a speeding ticket to someone on a bicycle before. Until he came along.


■issue (v) to give sb sth, especially officially(動)発行する

■come along (phrase) arrive(フレーズ)やって来る、現れる


ライリー:ゲイブは入試用の小論文をよく見てくれたわ。「アドミッション(入学)」とか「エッセイ(小論文) 」のスペルすら書けるか怪しいのに。

He cared so much about my admissions essay. Even though he probably couldn’t spell “admission”. Or “essay”.


■admission (n) the act or process of accepting sb as a patient at a hospital or as a student at a school, college, etc. (名)入場、入学、入会、入院

■essay (n) a short piece of writing on a particular subject, especially one done by students as part of the work for a course(名)(生徒などに課す)作文、小論文

■spell (v) to form a word or words with the letters in the correct order(動)〔~を〕つづる、正しく書く



He booked my band to play the lantern. All the way from Seattle to pretty much right where I’m standing.


■book (v) to arrange to have the use of a seat, room, etc. at a particular time in the future(動)予約する

■(come) all the way from(フレーズ)はるばる~からやって来る

■pretty much (phrase) almost completely(フレーズ)〈話〉ほとんど、ほぼ、大体



I can recall fourteen specific instances where Gabe said something that made me laugh. The first was two years ago…


■recall (v) to bring the memory of a past event into your mind(動)思い出す

■specific (a) clear and exact(形)明確な、はっきり限定された、具体的な

■instance (n) a particular situation, event, or fact(名)実例、出来事



So long story short, instead of a ticket, I ended up buying him a beer.


■long story short (phrase) used when you do not tell all the details(フレーズ)手短に言えば、早い話が

■end up doing (phrase) to finally be in a particular place or situation(フレーズ)最後には~になる~する羽目になる



Gabe stood like…three feet away, grinning like a doofus at us. I’m sure there were more people, but I only remember him.


■foot (plural: feet) = 30.48cm

■grin at (v) to smile a beaming smile at sb/sth(動)~にニヤニヤする、(人)ににっこり・ニヤッと笑う

■doofus (n) a stupid person(名)〈米俗〉ばか者、愚か者、間抜け



…and then he said, I know, that’s why the ‘k’ is silent! Then the fifth time…



He cared about everyone.



He was the kind of guy you wanted to be around.



He was a world-class bullshitter.


■bullshitter (n) a person who exaggerates or lies(名)〈卑〉うそつき、ほら吹き



He was my best friend.


ジェド:つまり言いたいのは、ゲイブはよそ者としてこのバーにやってきたが、家族として去っていった、ということだ。さあ、この辺にしておこう。ゲイブに起きたことは・・・理不尽で 悲劇的な事故だ。今望むのは――

All I want to say about Gabe is, he came into this bar as a stranger, but he left it as family. Guess that’s that then. What happened to Gabe was a senseless, tragic accident, and I just wish—


■stranger (n) sb you do not know(名)見知らぬ人

■that’s that (phrase) there is nothing more to do or say about the matter(フレーズ)これでおしまい、以上です

■senseless (a) not at all reasonable, or with no good or useful purpose(形)不合理な、〔考え・行動などが〕無分別な

■tragic (a) causing or characterized by extreme distress or sorrow(形)痛ましい、悲惨な、悲劇的な



It wasn’t an accident.



Son, now is not the time.



Gabe called the mine. I geve him my sat-phone to be sure he could get through. They fucked up, and now…now Gabe’s dead.


■sat-phone (n) a telephone that transmits its signal via a geostationary communications satellite(名)衛星電話

■get through (phrase) to succeed in talking to sb on the phone(フレーズ)連絡がつく、連絡を取る

■fuck up (phrase) To ruin or damage sth; to mess up sth(フレーズ)〈卑俗〉台無しにする、駄目にする、失敗する



That was my shift. If anyone had called, it would have gone through me. Nobody called.


■go through (フレーズ)通過する、経由する



You’re lying. In front of Gabe’s own fucking sister. Alex heard the whole thing.



I was there when Gabe made the call.



I’d like to hear what you have to say about that, Mac.


マック:何も言うことはない、ただし電話はなかった! 疑うなら好きにしろ。

I’m not saying anything, just I didn’t get a call! Draw your own conclusions.


■draw a conclusion (phrase) to decide that a particular fact or principle is true according to the information you have been given(フレーズ)結論を出す、推断する



Alright, folks, this is an ongoing investigation, and—


■folk (n) (US usually folks) people, especially those of a particular group or type(名)(通常folks)人々

■ongoing (a) continuing to exist or develop, or happening at the present moment(形)進行している、現在進行中の

■investigation (n) the act or process of examining a crime, problem, statement, etc. carefully, especially to discover the truth(名)〔真相を明らかにするための詳細な〕調査



How about we review the sequence of events? Hm?


■sequence (n) a series of related things or events, or the order in which they follow each other(名) 連続、ひと続きのもの





ライアン:まず、レコード店で見たお前は、ゲイブを見つけようと躍起になってたよな。理由を覚えてるか? え? ライリーの件なんじゃないのか?

When I saw you at the record store, you seemed pretty eager to find Gabe. Remember why? Hm? Another fight with Riley maybe?


■eager (a) strongly wanting to do or have sth (形)しきりに~したがる、~を切望した



I don’t have to take this.



Just saying, pretty wild that you come stumbling out of Gabe’s apartment with your face all fucked up…


■stumbling (a) tripping or losing balance while walking; moving with difficulty(形)つまずき・よろめきながらの






And just a couple hours later, you just so happened to miss the call that would have saved his life.


■happen to (phrase) to do sth by chance(フレーズ)偶然~する、たまたま~する

■miss (v) to fail to do or experience sth(動)逃す、見逃す


マック:あのな、言っただろ、電話なんてなかったんだよ! それか通話が途切れたとか? クソッ、つまり、ゲイブはそんな信用できるヤツじゃなかっただろ!

Look, I told you, there was no call to miss! Maybe the call got dropped! Shit, I mean, it’s not like…it’s not like Gabe was Mr. Reliable all the time!


■get dropped(フレーズ)〔通話が〕途切れる

■reliable (a) worthy of being depended on(形)信頼性のある、頼りになる



You watch your mouth, Mac.


■watch one’s mouth (phrase) be careful about what one says(フレーズ)言葉遣い・物の言い方に注意する・気を付ける



Ryan, that’s enough. Now, I’m just as eager as you to understand all this, son, but there’s a time and a—


■eager (a) strongly wanting to do or have sth (形)しきりに~したがる、~を切望した


ライアン:ふざけんなよ! この野郎はお別れ会の場でゲイブをウソつき呼ばわりしたんだぞ――

Bullshit, Dad! This little weasel is calling Gabe a liar at his own fucking wake—


■weasel (n) a deceitful or treacherous person(名)コソコソする人、ずるい人、〈俗〉密告者

■liar (n) someone who tells lies(名)うそつき

■wake (n) a watch or vigil held beside the body of sb who has died, sometimes accompanied by ritual observances(名)通夜、死者のための集まり



No, I am just telling you—



Mac, I swear, if you say there was no call one more fucking time!


シャーロット:やめて! もうやめて!

Stop it! Stop it now!





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