「ライフ イズ ストレンジ トゥルーカラーズ」で英語学習 ch2p3 “Life is Strange: True Colors” script


英語字幕・日本語訳  (Chapter 2: Lantans ランタン  part 3)


Wasn’t the first wake held in this old building. I doubt it’ll be the last. Anyway, if there’s anything I can do, just let me know.


■wake (n) a watch or vigil held beside the body of sb who has died, sometimes accompanied by ritual observances(名)通夜、死者のための集まり



I need to talk to Mac. I know he’s lying, I just don’t know why. Any idea where I can find him?



Well, he helps out Eleanor at the flower shop, that’d be the place to start.





ジェド:だが、ひとつだけいいか? 仮に得られたとしても、お前が望むような解答は得られんかもしれんぞ。マック・ロードンに会えばすべてが解決、なんて期待をかけすぎないようにな。

I feel like I should warn you, though. You might not get the kind of closure you’re looking for, if you get any at all. Just…don’t pin all your hopes on Mac Loudon.


■closure (n) 1. the feeling or act of bringing sth bad to an end 2. sth settled or resolved; the outcome of decision makein(名)1.気持ちの整理をつけるもの、平和を取り戻すこと 2.清算、決定・解決されたもの、意思決定の結果

■if at all (phrase) often used to make negatives stronger. It indicates that sth is unlikely to happen, or rarely happens, and that it will occur in a negative or restricted way if it does happen.(フレーズ)仮にあったとしても、そうであるとしても

■pin one’s hope on (phrase) to hope very much that sth/sb will help you to achieve what you want (フレーズ)~に期待をかける、~に望みを託す



Thanks for looking out for me, but…what else am I supposed to do?


■look out for (phrase) to try to notice sb/sth(フレーズ)~に気を配る、~の面倒を見る

■be supposed to (phrase) to have to; to have a duty or a responsibility to / to be intended to(フレーズ)~することになっている、~を期待される




I wish I had an answer for you. But if you get a chance before you go all Dirty Harry, swing by the dispensary. Charlotte wants to see you.

And, one more thing…I’ve been meaning to give you this for the last few days, but I didn’t want to disturb you up there. It’ll get you through that door and the one upstairs. This is your home, now. For as long as you like.


*Dirty Harry: an American action film series featuring Homicide Division Inspector 米国の刑事モノの映画。若かりし頃のクリント・イーストウッドが目的のためには手段を選ばない破天荒な刑事を演じてました。こういう暴力キャラの刑事って現代ではアウトですよね。実際暴力的な刑事は現代でもいるでしょうけど、昨今の風潮を見るに、フィクションの世界とはいえ人気キャラにはならないでしょうね~

■swing by (phrase) to briefly go somewhere, esp. on your way to another place (フレーズ)~に立ち寄る、~に寄り道をする

■dispensary (n) a place where medicines are prepared and given out(名)調剤薬局

*シャーロットのお店は大麻ショップですね。「dispensary: クスリを扱うお店や施設」って日本語だと「薬局」を皆さん想像しますが、マリファナ合法化してるアメリカじゃ「大麻ショップ」の可能性もあるのです。カルチャーショックですね~。しかも合法化してるので「大麻ショップ」といってもアングラな雰囲気はないようです。シャーロットのお店もおしゃれですよね。

■mean (v) to intend(動)~するつもりである

■get through (phrase) pass, finish(フレーズ)~を通り抜ける、処理する




Thank you.

Okay, Jed said I might find Mac in the flower shop.





Hey, Riley.



Alex, hey.



I know you and Gabe were close. How are you doing?



I miss him so much. He was like an older borther to me.



I’m glad he had you.



Thak you, Alex. Really.


アレックス:ライリーと密かに会ってたからってマックと兄さんがケンカしたじゃない? ライリーの大学への出願のことで会ってたんだよね?

That fight Mac had with Gabe, over your secret meetings? They were about you applying to college, right?


■fight over(フレーズ)~のことで激論する、~を巡って言い争う

例)その二人の女の子は、彼氏の取り合いをしている。The two girls are fighting over a boyfriend.

■apply to (phrase) make a formal application or request(フレーズ)〔手続きのため機関など〕に申請する、〔入学希望の学校など〕に出願する、〔求人している会社など〕に応募書類を出す



Yeah. Ever since the first time Mac lost his shit in front of them, Gabe and Charlotte had tried to get me to end things with him. After all this…I can see that they were right.


■lose one’s shit (phrase) lose one’s temper(フレーズ)〈卑俗〉〔何らかの〕感情を突然爆発させる

■get sb/sth to do (phrase) persuade or make sb/sth do sth(フレーズ)(使役)(人・物)を~させる

■end (v) come or bring to a final point; finish(動)終わる、終える


アレックス:電話のこと、マックは本当のこと言ってるのかな? 兄さんは電話してないって・・・。

Do you think he’s telling the truth about the call. That Gabe never made it?



No, it’s not that, I…Sorry. I’m really not ready to talk about it.



If he didn’t do anything wrong, why is he acting like he has something to hide?



He asked me to leave Haven with him.






Right after the wake. He wouldn’t tell me why, but he just looked so guilty. I told him I’d have to think about it, but Alex, I—I’m scared he did something horrible.


■guilty (a) conscious of, affected by, or revealing a feeling of guilt(形)後ろめたい、やましい

■horrible (a) very unpleasant or bad(形)恐ろしい、最低の



Riley—Thank you for telling me.



You deserved the truth.


■deserve (v) to have earned or to be given sth because of the way you have behaved or the qualities you have(動)~の価値がある、~にふさわしい



You and Eleanor seem close.



She’s taken care of me ever since I was little. I never really knew my mom, but she’s always been there for me.



What does she think about you going away to school?



She’s thrilled. I think she just wants me to end up happy.


■thrilled (a) extremely happy about sth(形)興奮・ワクワク・感動・感激した

■end up (phrase) to finally be in a particular place or situation(フレーズ)最後には~になる、~で終わる



Will she be alright without you?



She’s a tough cookie, but I do worry about her sometimes. She’s getting older…One day I’ll have to take care of her.


■tough cookie (n) a person who is physically and emotionally strong(名)〈主に米俗〉〔肉体的にも精神的にも強い〕タフな・手ごわい・したたかな人

■take care of (phrase) the process of protecting sb/sth and providing what that person or thing needs(フレーズ)~の面倒を見る



She’s lucky to have you.






I gotta run. There’s some stuff I need to do.


■stuff (n) things that sb says or does, when you are referring to them in a general way without saying exactly what they are(名)物事、事柄








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