英語版ゲーム「ウォーキング デッド」でオーバーラッピング練習 ep2p10 “The Walking Dead” script



ビデオゲーム「ウォーキング デッド」 エピソード2 パート10

前半: リピート再生・スロー再生・字幕あり

後半: 通し再生・字幕なし





マーク、リー、辺りを見てきたらどうだ? 落ち着いたら周辺の警備を頼みたいんだ。

Mark, Lee, why don’t ya take a look around? Once ya get settled in, I could use some help securin’ the perimeter.



Is there a problem?



Sometimes, the dead get tangled up in the fence before they fry and end up knocking over a post. It’d be a big help if you could walk the perimeter. You can learn a li’l somethin’ about our fence. I’m gonna go top off the generators before they run dry. Come get me when you’re ready.


■tangled up (phrase) twisted into a messy mass of things(フレーズ)こんがらがって、からみあって

■knock over (フレーズ)ひっくり返す、張り倒す

■post (n) a vertical stick or pole stuck into the ground, usually to support something or show a position(名)柱

■top off (phrase) fill a container completely(フレーズ)満タンにする

■run dry (phrase) used to describe something that has no water or other liquid in(フレーズ)使いつくす、枯渇する



You betcha.


■you betcha (phrase) used to say “yes” very strongly(フレーズ)もちろん、その通り


ここはスゴイな! 食べ物があるし、それにあのフェンス・・・スゴいフェンスだ。うまく立ち回ればここに住めるかもしれない。どんな手で行こうか?

This place is INCREDIBLE!! It’s got food! And that fence…oh man that fence!! If we play our cards right, this might turn out to be a place we can stay. So how do you want to play this?


■incredible (a) impossible, or very difficult, to believe(形)信じられない、信じ難いほど素晴らしい

■play one’s cards right (phrase) to behave in a way that gives you an advantage or allows you to succeed at something(フレーズ)上手く対処する、如才なく立ち回る



Before we can think about bringing our whole group here to stay, we need to figure out if this place is as safe as they’re telling us.


■figure out (phrase) to understand or solve something (フレーズ)見つけ出す、~であると分かる


そうだな。確かに彼らが安全だと思ってるだろうが、子どもにとって十分安全だろうか? あっちに壊れたブランコがあった。たいしたことじゃないが、上手くいってない事があるかもしれない。

Right. Obviously, THEY think it’s safe, but is it safe enough for the kids? I noticed a broken swing over there. Not a big deal, but maybe there’s other things not working that we just can’t see yet.


■obviously (adv) in a way that is easy to understand or see (副)明らかに

■swing (n) a seat joined by two ropes or chains to a metal bar or a tree, on which you can sit and move backwards and forwards(名)ブランコ

■big deal (n) important or special thing(名)大事なこと



And checking the fence perimeter sounds like a decent way to get a good look at their defences.


■decent (a) socially acceptable or good(形)適切な、きちんとした、まともな

■get a good look at (phrase) to see (someone or something) clearly(フレーズ)~をよく見る、~を詳細に調べる

■defence (n) protection or support against attack, criticism, or infection (名)防備、防衛



Mark and I can help you with that perimeter, now.



Oh, good. The fence’ll stop a walker in about three or four seconds, but gets overloaded if we leave the husks out there.


■overloaded (a) having or supplied with too much of something(形)混み過ぎた、過剰な

■husk (n) a dry or rough outer layer or coating(名) 残物、抜け殻、無価値なもの



You know, Mark and I can clear the fence ourselves if you wanna stay here and finish up with the generators.



Well, that’d be great! I’ll turn off the northwest section, and if you guys could strip ‘em off and look for any weak points, that’d be a big help.


■strip off (phrase) to remove a layer or cover from something(フレーズ)~をはぎ取る

■finish up with (phrase) finish a task completely(フレーズ)~で締めくくる、~で終わりとする



Sounds easy enough.



Stay attentive, ya never know.


■attentive (a) listening or watching carefully(形)油断しない


で、ココの様子はどうだい? 滞在するのに十分安全かな・・・もし滞在できるとして。

So how’s the place looking? Is it safe enough for us to stay…if we can?



Yeah, it’s pretty amazing what they’ve done with this dairy. But let’s see what it takes to secure this fence before drawing any conclusions.


■draw a conclusion (phrase) to decide that a particular fact or principle is true according to the information you have been given(フレーズ)結論を出す、推断する



I can’t wait until everyone’s out here. Everyone besides Larry…


■besides (preposition) other than; except~を除いて



He wouldn’t be such a pain in the ass if you weren’t telling him we were talking behind his back all the time.


■a pain in the ass/butt (phrase) someone or something that is very annoying (フレーズ)不快な人・物

■talk behind someone’s back (phrase) talking shit indirectly about a person (usually mean)(フレーズ)陰口を言う



I…I’m sorry, alright?



I try to be civil, at least.


■civil (a) polite and formal(形)市民にふさわしい、礼儀にかなった



He’s too busy being cranky to notice.


■cranky (a) easily annoyed or upset (形)怒りっぽい、気難しい



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