【確認用】”The Walking Dead” Episode 1: A New Day



ビデオゲーム「ウォーキング デッド」 エピソード1: A New Day











■reckon (v) (informal) conclude after calculation; be of the opinion (動)(話)~であると考える・思う

■keep on the lookout for(フレーズ) ~に目を光らせておく、~を警戒しておく

■and all (phrase) and everything else (フレーズ)~など、すっかり、~だったりして

■senatorial (a) relating to a senate (= one of the two groups of politicians who make laws in some countries) or to a senator (= a member of a senate):


■with all due respect (phrase) used to express polite disagreement in a formal situation(フレーズ)恐れながら、失礼ながら、お言葉を返すようですが

■hell (間投)くそ、畜生、へん

■regular (n) someone who often goes to a particular event or place, such as a shop or restaurant(名)常連(客)、お得意(様)

■folks (n) people, especially those of a particular group or type (名)人々、家族

■going on ~years (フレーズ)~年目になるところ

■riot (n) an occasion when a large number of people behave in a noisy, violent, and uncontrolled way in public, often as a protest (名)暴動

■in progress (phrase) happening or being done now(フレーズ)進行中で

■wail (v) to make a long, high cry, usually because of pain or sadness(動)(悲嘆や苦しみで)うめき声を上げる、声を出して泣く


■fussy (a) not easily satisfied, or having very high standards about particular things(人が)小うるさい、イライラしやすい

■zap (v) to get rid of or kill something or someone, especially intentionally(動)強打する、攻撃する、殺す

■exhaust options (フレーズ) 選択肢がなくなる

■catch (sb) red-handed (phrase) to find someone in the act of doing something illegal (フレーズ) 現行犯で逮捕する、現場を押さえる

■scream bloody murder (phrase) to scream loudly in fear, to protest loudly or angrily(フレーズ)(恐怖・怒り・苦痛などで)金切り声を上げる

■go to show (フレーズ) ~を証明する

■hilarious [ hɪˈler.i.əs ] (a) extremely funny and causing a lot of laughter(形)面白い、笑わせる

■rotten (a) decayed(形)腐敗した

■ladder [ˈlæd.ɚ] (n) a piece of equipment used for climbing up and down, that consists of two vertical bars or pieces of rope joined to each other by a set of horizontal steps (名)はしご

■intruder (n) someone who enters a place without permission in order to commit a crime(名)(違法な)侵入者

■incident (n) an event that is either unpleasant or unusual(名)〔1回だけの〕出来事、〔偶発的な〕事件

■ER (n) = emergency room(名)緊急治療室

■in time (phrase) early enough(フレーズ)時間内に

■get dropped(フレーズ)〔通話が〕途切れる

■look after (phrase) to take care of or be in charge of someone or something (フレーズ)~の世話をする、~に気を配る

■at this rate (phrase) if the situation stays as it is(フレーズ)この調子では

■suck (v) bad or unpleasant (動)(俗・軽蔑的〉最悪である、非常にむかつく


■disaster (n) (an event that results in) great harm, damage, or death, or serious difficulty(名)災害、天災、思いがけない大きな不幸、大惨事、最悪の事態

■stay put (phrase) to remain in the same place or position (フレーズ) もとの所に留まる、そのままでいる

■a bunch of(フレーズ)〈話〉たくさんの

■snit (n) an angry mood(名)苛立ち、イライラ

■in a snit(フレーズ) 怒って、気が立って、

■no sweat (phrase) it will not be difficult or cause problem(フレーズ)お安い御用だ、心配しなくていい

■Ol’ = Old

■mare [mεə ] (n) an adult female horse(名)雌馬、雌ロバ、母馬

■lame (a) (especially of animals) not able to walk correctly because of physical injury to or weakness in the legs or feet(形)正常に歩けない、歩行が困難な

■ain’t nothing = is nothing

■make it(フレーズ)うまくいく、切り抜ける

■bed and breakfast (n) a room to sleep in for the night and a morning meal, or a private house or small hotel offering this(名)朝食付き民宿、B&B

■swollen (a) larger than usual(形)(体の一部が)腫れあがった

■give someone a ride(フレーズ)〈米〉〔乗り物などに〕(人)を乗せてあげる

■awful (a) very great(形)大変な、すさまじい

■be full up with(フレーズ)~でいっぱいだ

■displaced (a) having been forced to leave your home, for example by a war or dangerous event(形)追放された、住むところがなくなった

■barn [bɑːrn ] (n) a large building on a farm in which animals or hay (= dried grass) and grain are kept(名)納屋、倉庫、物置

■reinforce (v) to make something stronger(動)〔補強材などにより〕~を強化する

■shit hits the fan (phrase) a situation suddenly causes a lot of trouble for someone(フレーズ)大変な事態になる、窮地に立つ

■fortify (v) to make something stronger, especially in order to protect it(動)~を要塞化する

■chore[ tʃɔː ] (n) a job or piece of work that needs to be done regularly(名)雑事、雑用、〔家庭内や農家で毎日行う〕仕事

■preferable (a) better or more suitable(形)選ぶに値する、より望ましい

■bright and early(フレーズ)(太陽が輝く)早朝に、朝早くに

■swear (名)罵り

■scare away (phrase) to cause a person or animal to go or stay away(フレーズ)~を追い払う

■won’t hear the end of it (phrase) to be told repeatedly about something(フレーズ)いつまでも言われる

■Like water off a duck’s back (phrase) criticisms of or warnings to a particular person that have no effect on that person(フレーズ)(アヒルの背中からはじかれる水のように)何の効果もなく、糠に釘

■valuable (a) important, useful, or beneficial(形)貴重な

■trait (n) a particular characteristic that can produce a particular type of behaviour(名)(人の性格の)特徴、特質

■dum as a bag of hammers (phrase) remarkably stupid (フレーズ)頭が悪い

■No kidding ①冗談でしょ ②(同意して)そうだね

■make up for (phrase) to use as a replacement for something missing, lost, or lacking(フレーズ)(不足・損失など)補う、埋め合わせる

■enthusiasm [inθjúːziæ̀zm ] (n) a feeling of energetic interest in a particular subject (名)熱中、熱狂、熱烈な興味

■tag along (phrase) to go somewhere with a person or group(フレーズ)ついて行く、付き添う

■It’s a plan.(フレーズ)(誘いに対して)それはいいね

■foreman (n) a skilled person with experience who is in charge of and watches over a group of workers(名)(現場の)作業長、監督、親方

■a water break (n) 水を飲むための休憩

■hop to it(フレーズ)(米話)仕事に取り掛かる


■tangle (n) an untidy mass of things that are not in a state of order, or a state of confusion or difficulty(名)もつれ、からみ

■show up (phrase) to arrive somewhere in order to join a group of people, especially late or unexpectedly(フレーズ)現れる、姿を現す

■get sorted out(フレーズ)整理する

■odd chance (phrase) an unlikely chance occurrence (フレーズ)起こりそうにない

■hop on(フレーズ)飛び乗る

■mackerel [mǽkərəl ] (名) サバ

■wild about (phrase) to like something a lot(フレーズ)~に夢中になって、

■stumble on (phrase) to discover something by chance, or to meet someone by chance(フレーズ)~を偶然見つける、~に出くわす

■faze (v) to surprise and worry someone(動)(困難な状況などが人を)動揺、困惑させる

■corpse (n) a dead body(名)死体

■in a bit (フレーズ)すぐに

■critique (n) a report that discusses a situation or the writings or ideas of someone and offers a judgment about them(名)(フランス語)批評、評論

■bill (n) a formal statement of a planned new law that is discussed before being voted on(名)法案、議案、法律案

■barrel (n) the long part of a gun that is shaped like a tube(名)銃身

■no worse for wear (phrase) not tired or in poor condition(フレーズ)(大変な労働・経験の後で)依然元気である

■question (v) to express doubts about the value or truth of something(動)~を疑問に思う

■common sense (n) the basic level of practical knowledge and judgment that we all need to help us live in a reasonable and safe way(名)常識、良識

■trapped (a) unable to move or escape from a place or situation(形)〔窮屈な所に〕閉じ込められた

■no matter what (phrase) used to emphasize that something is always true, or that someone must do something(フレーズ)たとえ何があろうと

■mean (v) used to add emphasis to what you are saying(動)〔はったりや冗談ではなく〕本気で~と言っている

■pee (v) urinate(動)おしっこをする

■have in common (フレーズ) 共通点がある

■Over my dead body. (phrase) you will do everything you can to prevent it(フレーズ)自分の目の黒いうちは絶対に・・・させない

■look out for (phrase) to try to notice someone or something(フレーズ)~に目配りをする、~の面倒を見る

■muck [mʌk ] (n) mud, dirt, or a sticky natural substance such as animal waste(名)(べとべとする)汚れ、おぞましいもの

■itchy trigger finger (phrase) eager to fire their weapon (フレーズ)引き金を引きたくてウズウズしている指、性急な傾向

■get comfy(フレーズ)快適な、くつろいだ

■head out(フレーズ)〈話〉出発する

■loop back(フレーズ) 一巡して元に戻る、折り返す

■siphon (v) to remove liquid from a container using a siphon(動)~を吸い上げる、抜き取る

■tight spot (n) difficult situation(名)困った状況、窮地

■lookout (n) a person who watches for danger(名)見張り

■You got it. (phrase) used to say that you will quickly do what someone has asked you to do(フレーズ)了解した

■good shot (n) a person good at aiming and hitting the target(名)射撃の名手

■zip around(フレーズ)すばやく移動してまわる

■whoop (動)追い立てる

■shoplifter (名) 万引き犯

■come in handy (phrase) to be useful(フレーズ)役に立つ、役立つ、重宝する

■keep ~ to oneself (フレーズ)~を口外しない、~を胸に秘めておく

■in a jam (フレーズ)困った状態、ピンチに立って

■motor inn (n) = motel (名)モーテル

■supplies (n) food and other ordinary goods needed by people every day(名)必需品、食糧

■talk it over (phrase) to discuss a problem or situation with someone(フレーズ)話し合う、相談する

■sit tight (phrase) to stay where you are(フレーズ)じっとしている

■dead- eye(名) 射撃の名手

■suicidal (a) want to kill themselves or are in a mental state in which it is likely that they will try to do so (形)自殺行為的な、自暴自棄な

■damsel [dǽmzəl ] (n) (old use) a young woman who is not married(名)〈古・詩〉乙女

■in distress (フレーズ)〔身体的・精神的・経済的に〕苦しんでいる、窮地にある

■a damsel in distress (phrase) a young woman who is in trouble and needs a man’s help(フレーズ)男性の助けが必要な窮地の乙女、囚われのお姫様

■boarded-up (形)板で囲んだ、板を打ち付けた

■satanic [sətǽnik ] (a) connected with worshipping Satan, very evil(形)サタンの、悪魔のような、邪悪な

■have a close call (フレーズ)危険なことから危うく逃れる、危機一髪で助かる

■order of business (フレーズ)割り当てられた仕事、遂行すべき仕事

■keep it down (phrase) to be quieter(フレーズ)静かにする。

■as far as I can tell (フレーズ)分かる限りは

■Better A than me/us.(フレーズ)Aで良かった、私(達)じゃなくて。

■nah (adv) slang for no(副)Noのスラング・カジュアルな言い方

■bud (n) = buddy (名)親友、おまえ、相棒

■dilly-dally [ dílidæ̀li ] (v)  to waste time, especially by being slow, or by not being able to make a decision(動)ぐずぐずする、のらくらする、遅延する、時間を浪費する

■honk (v) If a goose or a car horn honks, it makes a short, loud sound(動)〔警笛・クラクションを〕鳴らす

■alley [ǽli ] (n) a narrow road or path between buildings(名)裏通り、路地

■take one’s chance (フレーズ)出たとこ勝負で行く、運に任せてやってみる、リスクはあるがやってみる、

■if it were not for … (phrase) if it were not true or had not happened, the situation would be different (フレーズ)もし…がなければ

■defendable (a) able to be protected from attack(形)防衛できる

■roll through(フレーズ)〔自動車・列車などが〕通る、進む



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