「バイオハザード ダークサイド クロニクルズ」で英語学習 p3 “Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles” script


ダークサイド クロニクルズ ’滅びし町の記憶’

Darkside Chronicles ‘Memories of a Lost City’


アネット:ウィリアム! 私が分からないの? あなたの妻、アネットよ。ウィリアム、ゴメンなさい。でもGは私が終わらせる。

William! Don’t you recognize me? I’m your wife, Annette.

William, I’m sorry. But I’ve got to put an end to G.


■recognize (v) identify sb/sth from having encountered them before; know again(動)〔見聞きしたことがあることだと〕識別する、〔人・物に〕見覚えがある

■put an end to (phrase) cause sb/sth to stop existing or die(フレーズ)~に終止符を打つ、決別する、~に引導を渡す





レオン:クレア! アネット!

Claire! Annette!



G is…growing even stronger. If you don’t stop this, Sherry will…



Annette…Please, we need to find the vaccine.



The P-4 Lab on the bottom floor…Please…Help Sherry…Tell her…That even though I failed as a mother…I have always loved her.





The vaccine worked and Sherry recovered, but time was running out. The seconds of the countdown to self-destruction were slipping by. And our only escape was through a hidden subway.


■vaccine (n) a substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or several diseases(名)ワクチン

■recover (v) return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength(動)~な状態に戻る、〔病気などから〕回復する

■run out (phrase) be used up(フレーズ)使い果たす、底を突く

■self-destruction (n) behaviour that causes serious harm to oneself(名)自滅、自殺、自壊、自爆

■slip by (phrase) if time or an opportunity slips by, it passes and you fail to use it or to gain an advantage from it(フレーズ)〔時間が〕あっという間に[いつの間にか]過ぎて行く、早くたつ

■hidden (a) kept out of sight; concealed(形)隠された、秘密の

■subway (n) an underground railway(名)地下鉄








クレア:レオン! これって彼よね?

Leon! It’s him again, isn’t it?



Yeah, it’s William!






We are gonna be ok now, aren’t we?






Sherry…I have something to tell you…about your mother.

The vaccine that saved you…It was from your mother. She loved you very much. Always has. Right up till the end.



No, that’s a lie. Mommy never…



After that, Claire set out alone to find her brother. And Sherry and I were rescued by US government agents.


■set out (phrase) to start an activity with a particular aim(フレーズ)〔旅・仕事に〕出発する、〔事業・仕事を〕始める



We have the authority to do as we please with you. You and that girl.


■authority (n) the power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience(名)〔付与された〕権限、職権

■do as one’s pleases (phrase) to do whatever one wants or chooses to do(フレーズ)好きなようにする、勝手なまねをする、意のままにする



Just leave her out of this. She’s an innocent.



An innocent who carries the G antibody. Don’t worry, we’re taking very good care of her.

Boottom line is…You have the experience we’re looking for. So if you want this to end peacefully, you really have only one choice. Work for us.


■antibody (n) a blood protein produced in response to and counteracting a specific antigen(名)抗毒素、抗体、免疫体

■take care of (phrase) the process of protecting sb/sth and providing what that person or thing needs(フレーズ)~の面倒を見る

■bottom line (n) the final outcome of a process, discussion, etc(名)最終結果・決定、結論

■work for (phrase) To be an employee of some person, group, or organization(フレーズ)(人)に仕える



And just like that I found myself in the service of the US government.





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