「バイオハザード ダークサイド クロニクルズ」で英語学習 p4 “Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles” script


ダークサイド クロニクルズ ’忘却のゲーム’

Darkside Chronicles ‘Game of Oblivion’




They were aristocrats, entitled and sustained by a greed for power. Having been involved in the foundation of Umbrella, the Ashford family had also independently performed research on the Veronica virus.


■aristocrat (n) a member of the aristocracy(名)貴族・支配階級の人

■entitle (v) to give sb the right to do or have sth(動)〔~に〕資格・権利を与える

■sustain (v) to cause or allow sth to continue for a period of time(動)〔~の存在を〕持続・維持する

■greed (n) a very strong wish to continuously get more of sth, especially food or money(名)強欲、貪欲

■be involved in (phrase) to take part in an activity or event, or be connected with it in some way(フレーズ)〔活動など〕に従事・関与している

■foundation (n) an underlying basis or principle(名)土台、礎、基盤

■independently (adv) without being influenced or controlled in any way by other people, events, or things(副)独立して、自主的に、単独で



However, fifteen years ago, Alexander Ashford disappeared under mysterious circumstances. To make things worse, Alexander’s daughter, Alexia, a child prodigy who played a key role in the research, died at a young age. Her untimely demise brought an end to the Veronica project and the Umbrella files show that all research was apparently lost.


■under the circumstances (phrase) in this specific situation(フレーズ)そのような状況下で

■to make things worse (phrase) with the result that a bad situation is made worse(フレーズ)さらに悪いことには

■prodigy (n) a young person with exceptional qualities or abilities(名)神童、奇才、天才

■play a key role (phrase) be involved in sth in important way(フレーズ)重要な・中心的な役割を演じる

■untimely (a) (of an event or act) happening or done at an unsuitable time(形)間が悪い、早過ぎる、時期尚早な

■demise (n) a person’s death(名)死去、逝去

■bring an end to (phrase) to stop, finish, or complete sth(フレーズ)~を終わらせる、~にピリオドを打つ

■apparently (adv) used to say you have read or been told sth although you are not certain it is true(副)一見したところ~のようだ、〔聞いた情報によると〕どうも~らしい、どうやら



The Ashford lineage gradually lost its power to the corrupt hands of the Umbrella Corporation.

Alexia’s brother, Alfred was demoted to a mere supervisor and he was sent to command a private detention facility on an isolated island in the southern seas alone.


■lineage (n) direct descent from an ancestor; ancestry or pedigree(名)血筋、血統、一族、種族

■gradually (adv) in a gradual way; slowly; by degrees(副)徐々に、次第に

■corrupt (a) having or showing a willingness to act dishonestly in return for money or personal gain(形)堕落した、邪悪な

■demoted (a) move sb to a lower position or rank(形)〔人や物を〕降格させる、格下げする

■mere (a) used to emphasize how small or insignificant sb/sth is(形)単なる、全く~にすぎない

■supervisor (n) a person whose job is to supervise sb/sth(名)管理者、監督者

■command (v) give an authoritative or peremptory orde(動)支配する、統治する、指揮する

■detention (n) the action of detaining sb or the state of being detained in official custody(名)拘留、拘束

■isolated (a) far away from other places, buildings, or people; remote(形)〔人が〕孤立した、〔場所が〕隔絶した



I feel like this year may be special, don’t you Alexia? It’s almost like there’s something I’m forgetting.



My dear Alfred, please be easy on yourself. Why don’t you set down your burdens and play a game with me?


■easy on oneself (phrase) to treat sb in a gentle way(フレーズ)~に対して手加減して、~に優しい

■set down (phrase) to place at rest on a surface or on the ground(フレーズ)~を下に置く、〔荷物を〕降ろす

■burden (n) sth difficult to carry or withstand(名)負担、重荷



You’re right, Alexia. Since you’ve come back, I’ve never been this happy.






待てよ! 脱獄じゃねって。ただ・・・。警報が鳴って鍵がかかってなくて・・・それで・・・。

Damn it! Which way?

Wait! I wasn’t trying to escape. I just…The alarm sounded and the door unlocked. I thought…that I…


■escape (v) break free from confinement or control(動)〔捕らわれている状況から〕逃げる、自由になる

■sound (v) emit or cause to emit sound(動)音を出す、鳴る

■unlocked (a) not locked(形)鍵の掛かっていない


クレア:ロックフォート収容所、収監者番号 267。ってことは、アンブレラの人間じゃないわね? 私はクレア・レッドフィールドよ。

Rockfort Prison, detainee 267. I guess you’re not with Umbrella then, aren’t you? I’m Clarie Redfield.


■detainee (n) a person held in custody, especially for political reasons(名)抑留者



Damn girl. You scared me.


■scare (v) to (make a person or animal) feel frightened(動)怖がらせる、びっくりさせる



Eyes forward. So, what’s your name?



My name’s Steve. You don’t look like one of them, Claire. They get you, too?




Yeah, you could say that.

Looks like my brother was never even here. Umbrella probably doesn’t know where he is, either.


スティーブ:兄さんは何をやらかしたんだ? なぜ追われている?

What did he do? Why are they after him?



I don’t know…But he’s been missing for three months. I was in Paris looking for him. I broke into one of Umbrella’s labs. But I got caught.


■look for (phrase) to search for sb/sth(フレーズ)~を探す

■break into (phrase) enter or open a place, vehicle, or container forcibly, especially for the purposes of theft(フレーズ)~に押し入る、(不法)侵入する



And you were sent here.


クレア:あなたは? なぜここへ?

What about you? What’s your story?



It’s dumb, you don’t wanna know.


■dumb (a) stupid (形)あほな、間抜けな、常識のない



Just tell me!



I didn’t even do anything. Some other jackass screwed up. And Ianded the two of us in here.


■jackass (n) a stupid person(名)〈主に米話〉のろま、間抜け、あほ、ばか

■screw up (phrase) cause sth to fail or go wrong(フレーズ)台無しにする、大失敗する



So, we’re in the Southern Hemisphere…


■hemisphere (n) a half of a sphere(名)半球



Yeah. So, you don’t know much about this place, do you? Apparently, some noble family owned the joint. The Ashford’s. That’s Alfred. He’s the only surviving member. Rumor has it he went mad from loneliness.


■apparently (adv) used to say you have read or been told sth although you are not certain it is true(副)一見したところ~のようだ、〔聞いた情報によると〕どうも~らしい、どうやら

■nobile (a) belonging by rank, title, or birth to the aristocracy(形)〔人が〕貴族の、貴族階級に属する

■the joint (n) (slang) a prison(名)〈米俗〉刑務所

■surviving (a) remaining alive, especially after the death of another or others(形)生き残りの

■rumor has it (that) (phrase) It is being rumored that(フレーズ)うわさでは(that以下)である

■go mad (phrase) to become mentally ill(フレーズ)発狂する、気が狂う、頭がおかしくなる

■loneliness (n) the state of being lonely(名)孤独


クレア:でもそんな場所がなぜ標的に? とにかく、レオンに連絡を取らないと。彼なら来てくれるわ。

But why would anyone wanna bomb this place? Anyway, I’ve got to contact Leon. He’ll come for us.


■bomb (v) attack (a place or object) with a bomb or bombs(動)〔~を〕爆撃する

■have got to = have to(フレーズ)~しなければならない





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