「バイオハザード ダークサイド クロニクルズ」で英語学習 p7 “Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles” script


ダークサイド クロニクルズ ’忘却のゲーム’

Darkside Chronicles ‘Game of Oblivion’



クレア:スティーブ! しっかり! ここから出るのよ。

Steve! Hold on! We’re gonna get you out of here.


■hold on (phrase) to manage to stay alive or to deal with a difficult situation(フレーズ)頑張る、ふんばる



No. I’m not gonna make it. You know that. The virus is in me. There’s no turning back.


クレア:いやよ! 一緒に行くの!

No! You’re coming with us.



Claire…I…I love…


クレア:スティーブ? スティーブ! うそよ。

Steve? Steve! No…



Stay here. I’m gonna go plant this in the power room.


クレア:私も一緒に行くわ。 もう終わらせないと。アレクシアは止める。終わらせてくるわ、スティーブ。そしたら自由よ。

I’m coming with you. It’s time this ended. Alexia has to be stopped. I’m gonna finish this, Steve. And then we’ll all be free.




My little experiment at the Colosseum was so much fun, don’t you think?


■experiment (n) a test done in order to learn sth or to discover whether sth works or is true(名)〔科学の〕実験






Though I guess sometimes a worker ant will turn on his queen.


■ant (n) a very small insect that lives under the ground in large and well-organized social groups(名)アリ

■turn on (phrase) to attack or criticize sb suddenly(フレーズ)~に敵意を示す、~を攻撃する


クレア:兄さん! 大丈夫?!

Chris! Are you okay?!


アレクシア:そうだ。あなたたちも兄妹なのよね? 私にも兄がいたわ。つまらない人よ。私を時間通りに起こすことさえままならないのよ? だからお仕事から解放してあげたの。

Oh, that’s right. You two are brother and sister, aren’t you? I had a brother once, too. He really wasn’t much fun. He couldn’t even wake me up on time. But I’ve released him of all his responsibilities.


■once (adv) at some time in the past; formerly(副)かつて、以前

■on time (phrase) punctual; punctually(フレーズ)〈米〉時間どおりに、定時に



You think everyone in this world is here to serve you, don’t you?!


アレクシア:仕える? いいえ、ただ私の実験材料かなって思うわ。


Serve me? No. I think everyone else is here to serve my experiments.

Thanks to you, Veronica’s angry, which makes me stronger!


■thanks to (phrase) as a result of; due to(フレーズ)~のおかげで、~の結果



If you are seeing this message, that can only mean that code Veronica has reached a critical stage.


■critical (a) extremely serious or dangerous(形)危機的な、重大な






The year is 1983 and I’m afraid that my only daughter has become obsessed with the Veronica virus. She has even gone to the point of experimenting on her own body. My daughter dreams of unleashing this thing into the world. This last step is the only way I can think of to help her. Whether you are on Umbrella’s side or not, please help her.


■be obsessed with (phrase) Excessively or solely focused on, preoccupied with(フレーズ)~で頭がいっぱいである

■experiment (v) perform a scientific procedure, especially in a laboratory, to determine sth(動)実験する

■unleash (v) to suddenly release a violent force that cannot be controlled(動)解き放つ



Even though it was he who created my brother and I…but, he was such a miserable old man.


■miserable (a) unpleasant and causing unhappiness(形)悲惨な、哀れな、無価値の、劣った



クレア:どうなってるの? スティーブはどこ?

What’s going on? Where’s Steve?



He’s been taken.



A S.T.A.R.S… knife. But, this one looks different from yours.



Pretty sure I know who it belongs to.


■belong to (phrase) to be the property of (フレーズ)~に属する、~の所有物である





Chris, look!



Yeah, I know.




レオン:クリスが最大限努力したにも関わらず、ベロニカ・ウイルスはウェスカーの手に渡った。感染したスティーブの遺体を確保し、ウイルスを抽出。そしてベロニカ・ウイルスは南米の地に再び姿を現した。 ウイルスは増殖を続ける・・・形を変えながら・・・より強さを増しながら・・・根絶されるその日まで。

The Veronica virus, despite Chris’s best efforts, was procured by Wesker. He secured Steve’s body which had been infected and was able to extract the virus, leading to its reappearance in South America.

The virus continues to grow…altering its form…strengthening perpetually…until the day comes when it can be destroyed.


■despite (preposition) without being affected by; in spite of(前)~にもかかわらず、~をよそに

■procure (v) obtain sth, especially with care or effort(動)〔入手困難な物を〕得る

■secure (v) to get sth, sometimes with difficulty(動)~を確保する

■body (n) a dead person(名)死体

■infected (a) containing bacteria or other things that can cause disease (形)〔病原体に〕感染した

■extract (v) to remove or take out sth(動)引き出す、抽出する

■reappearance (n) the fact of sb/sth arriving, becoming visible, or coming into existence again(名)再現、再発

■alter (v) to change sth, usually slightly, or to cause the characteristics of sth to change(動)変える、改ざんする

■strengthen (v) make or become stronger(動)強化する

■perpetually (adv) in a way that never ends or changes; constantly(副)絶え間なく、ひっきりなしに






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